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Quick-change system

Change shares quickly and easily

Carrying out both shallow, medium and deep stubble cultivation or seedbed preparation for mulch sowing with a single implement saves investment and operating costs.

Quick-change system

  • The LEMKEN quick-change system makes it possible to quickly change different shares on all LEMKEN Karat and Kristall cultivators.
  • For example, with the Karat it is possible to change very quickly between 7 different tine variants.
  • With the quick-change system, the entire tine foot is changed together with the tine..
  • The tine foot is secured by a pin and can be changed without tools.
  • This means that the cultivator can always be quickly equipped with the right shares. For shallow cultivation with wing shares and for deep cultivation with a narrow share.

Save time

To minimise set-up times between operations, optional quick-change systems are available for the Karat and Kristall cultivators as well as for the Zirkon power harrows.

This means that it is always possible to react quickly to the current soil conditions and the work result always remains optimal.

Karat 9 quick-change system

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