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Stubble optimally cultivated

LEMKEN cultivators cover the entire range from ultra-flat stubble cultivation to basic soil cultivation. This is ensured by a wide product range and many tine variants.

Advantages of cultivators

  • Good results even with slower speed
  • Deep (> 25 cm) or ultra-flat cultivation possible
  • Tine quick-change systems for deep loosening, flat mixing or horizontal cutting weed control

Koralin 9 K

The Koralin K mounted flat cultivator with its tines working across the entire surface is suitable for ultra-shallow tillage and mechanical, full-surface cutting weed control before sowing.

Koralin 9 K

Koralin 9 KUA

The semi-mounted flat cultivator Koralin 9 KUA protects the soil from erosion and promotes its water-holding capacity. It combines the advantages of a disc harrow and a cultivator and is ideal for all-over, ultra-flat tillage.

Koralin 9 KUA
Cultivator Koralin 9

Karat 9

The Karat intensive cultivator is suited for both the first, shallow stubble cultivation across the full surface after combine harvesting and for subsequent, deeper passes with intensive mixing, or for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

Karat 9
Cultivator Karat 9

Karat 10

The new three-beam cultivator is clearer thanks to the revised number of tines and easier to pull thanks to the tines arranged symmetrically to the towing axle. Intensive mixing is guaranteed!

Karat 10
Cultivator Karat 10

Karat 12

The four-beam semi-mounted Karat 12 cultivator is particularly well suited for heavy soils and no-tillage cultivation methods. It handles the full range of  applications with ease, from shallow stubble cultivation through to deep, intensive incorporation of large volumes of organic matter.

Karat 12
Cultivator Karat 12

Kristall 9

The compact mounted two-beam cultivator Kristall 9 cultivator with TriMix wing shares delivers a mixing intensity in shallow stubble cultivation that is otherwise only achieved with multi-beam cultivators.

Kristall 9
Cultivator Kristall 9

The tine makes the difference

LEMKEN cultivators can always be optimised for the desired work result by selecting the right shares.

Ultra-flat over the entire surface

The Koralin specialises in ultra-shallow tillage. Its flat DeltaCut shares undercut stubble or vegetation and at the same time protect the water balance. The 37 cm wide DeltaCut shares are also available for the Karat in both hard-faced and carbide versions.

cultivator DeltaCut

Equipped for all eventualities

The Karat cultivator can be used particularly flexibly thanks to its standard quick-change system.

A total of eight different share types are available, from the wing share for the first shallow pass to the narrow share for intensive mixing and deep cultivation.

Cultivator shares

Carbide or hardfaced

All shares for the Karat cultivator are hard-faced as standard. For particularly heavy-duty applications, the points and wings are also available in a carbide version for a particularly long service life.

Cultivator hard metal

Best effect with fewer tines

The double-bar cultivator Kristall achieves a mixing effect with the TriMix wing shares that is otherwise only achieved by three-bar cultivators. For lighter conditions, they can be easily exchanged for DuoMix shares using the quick-change system and for subsoiling for narrow shares.

Cultivator TriMix



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