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Saphir 9

  • Nominal hopper volume: 860 L
  • Exclusively in 3 m
Saphir 9
Saphir 9 side view
Saphir 9 back view
Saphir 9 side view
Saphir 9 in the field

Compact design and simple operation

The Saphir 9 with mechanical seeding shaft drive is the right seed drill for small and medium-sized farms in particular.

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The mechanical drive

The Saphir 9 is driven by a star wheel that runs in between two seed rows within the width of the seed drill. As a result, the drive remains constant whether it is working uphill or downhill.

  • The large diameter ensures slip-free rolling movement and good power transmission.
  • When the work is done, the star wheel folds in easily in a single manual move, without the need for tools.
  • The maintenance-free cardan drive works reliably without disruption even in dusty and dirty conditions.
Saphir 9 mit Spornrad-Antrieb

The transmission

The continuously variable oil bath transmission allows seeding rates to be set precisely between 0.5 and 500 kg/ha. The seeding shaft operates smoothly to ensure accurate longitudinal distribution of the seeds. This is particularly important when working with small seeding rates and a slowly rotating seeding shaft.


Saphir 9 mechanical drive

The EcoDrill control

The EcoDrill control with the LET-40 terminal makes it very easy to set up the Saphir 9 and operate it while working. Its clear layout ensures that you have all the key parameters within view at all times.

 Saphir 9 LET-40 terminal

Easy calibration testing

Detailed calibration aids in the EcoDrill control render other devices surplus to requirements.The LET-40 terminal can be connected to the rear of the Saphir 9 for calibration, making calibration testing considerably easier.

The EcoDrill control



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