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Saphir 10

  • Nominal hopper volume: 860 L
  • Exclusively in 3 m
  • ISOBUS compatible
Saphir 10 in the field
Saphir 10 in action
Saphir 10 in action
Saphir 10 aerial view

Convenient set-up and operation

The Saphir 10 offers a wide range of options for highly precise, accurate seeding. Thanks to the electric drive, the seeding rate can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab. Numerous additional functions are available in the version with ISOBUS.

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Electric drive

The metering shaft of the Saphir 10 is driven by an electric motor. The job computer determines the required rotational speed.

  • The pulse wheel with a diameter of 340 mm runs in between two rows of seeds within the seed drill width, therefore always on pre-treated surfaces.
  • The seed rate between 0.5 and 500 kg/ha is conveniently adjusted from the tractor cab.
  • When the work is done, the pulse wheel folds in easily in a single manual move, without the need for tools.
 Saphir 10 with electrically driven dosing shaft

Optional radar sensor

The optional radar sensor provides highly precise speed detection without any slippage.

Solitair 10 radar sensor for high-precision speed detection

ISOBUS equipment

The Saphir 10 can optionally be controlled via ISOBUS. Additional functions are available in conjunction with a LEMKEN CCI terminal:

  • In conjunction with GPS, the automatic Tramline-Control is available, which enables tramlines to be created completely freely in the field.
  • The CCI.Control order management system offers the option of GPS-supported, site-specific metering of sowing rates. Sowing maps can be loaded onto the terminal via the agrirouter.
  • With the automatic section control, the Saphir 10 can switch itself on and off at the headland. This saves seed and ensures complete cultivation of the area
ISOBUS system in combination with the CCI terminal

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Technical data

Saphir 10/300
Working width (cm) 300
Weight (kg) 927
Article number 34 0511L
Tank capacity (litres) 860
Number of rows with row spacing 12.5 cm (15cm) 24 (20)

Basic equipment

  • Electronic seed drill control with operation terminal LVT-50
  • Intermediate plates
  • Metering wheel set Conti Plus
  • Tramline mechanism 2 x 2 rows
  • Quick-change system for metering wheels
  • Mechanical switch of width sections
  • Discharge wedges
  • Forward folding hopper cover
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Pulse wheel Ø 340 mm
  • Loading platform with steps
  • Power supply via ISOBUS implement socket on the

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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