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Kristall 9

  • From 3 m to 6 m working width
  • Tractors between 90 - 270 Hp | 66 - 199 kW
  • Twin-beam
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Top quality work and compact design

The Kristall cultivator combines the proven advantages of a twin-beam cultivator with the added benefits of a cultivator with three or more tine rows. For catch crop sowing, the Kristall can be combined with the SeedHub catch crop seed drill.

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Kristall 9

  • Shallow and medium-depth working in several operations
  • Fit for mulch sowing
  • Versatile soil cultivation
  • Basic equipment with shear-off safety
  • U-version with automatic maintenance-free overload protection

Intensive mixing

TriMix shares with curved guide plates on the wings provides an unprecedented level of mixing compared to previous share designs.

Kristall TriMix-Schare

Short & compact

The short, compact frame design gives better depth control than in multibeam cultivators.

Kristall kompakte Bauweis

Low lifting power enables

The low lifting power enables threepoint linkage mounting, on the tractor, up to working width of 6 metres.

Kristall 6 Meter Arbeitsbreite

Perfect tine arrangement

The tines and concave levelling discs are arranged to guarantee blockage-free work without producing an unwanted “ridge effect”.

When the working depth changes, the concave discs adjust automatically.

Kristall Zinken-Hohlscheiben-Anordnung

The right coulter for every soil

For light soils, the Kristall compact cultivator can also be equipped with the DuoMix shares, which - in contrast to the TriMix shares - are fitted with straight wings. For deep cultivationwithe with low mixing effect the narrow share is recommended.

  1. DuoMix
  2. TriMix
  3. Narrow share


Kristall Scharvarianten Duomix Trimix Schmalschar

Quick change

The Kristall can be fitted as standard with LEMKEN‘s innovative quick-change system which enables the shares to be adjusted to individual requirements without tools.

Kristall Schnellwechselsystem
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