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Koralin 9 KUA flat cultivator

  • Semi-mounted flat cultivator in working widths of 6.60 and 8.40 m
  • Combines disc harrow and tine elements
  • Working depths from 2 - 12 cm across the while working width
Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz
Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz Luftbild
Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz
Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz Luftbild
Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz

Ultra-shallow and ultra-protective

Agriculture is subject to continuous change and needs to adapt to new challenges all the time. The increasing drought affects soils, and water is becoming a more and more precious resource as a result. Therefore, the semi mounted Koralin KUA flat cultivator with leading disc element offers a versatile solution for the gentle cultivation of agricultural land. It protects your soil and you can look forward to a perfect result once the work is done.

A mounted flat cultivator without a disc element is also available under the name Koralin 9 K.

Advantages of flat cultivator Koralin 9 KUA

  • Combines the advantages of disc harrow and cultivator
  • Ideal for entire surface shallow tillage
  • Can be used without roller and with four-row harrow
  • Enhances the water-holding capacity of the soil

Highlights of the Koralin 9 KUA

The disc unit prepares optimally

The dual-row concave disc sections have proven their worth in thousands of field uses of the Heliodor compact disc harrow. The leading disc sections, which operate vertically, cut organic matter and the soil to ensure that the DeltaCut shares behind reliably penetrate the soil even in hard and dry conditions. With a diameter of 510 mm they produce a rough subsoil profile, which helps prevent pans from developing due to the share action.

Each disc is individually attached to the frame via leaf springs for precise depth control. Unlike commonly used rubber buffers, leaf springs guarantee that the discs have significantly higher track stability during operation. What’s more, they also act as automatic overload protection.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Feldeinsatz Detailaufnahme

The high-quality angular ball bearings (green) guarantee the discs always function flawlessly. The bearings are fully encapsulated so that no dirt can penetrate. An additional labyrinth seal (red) locks the bearing in from the outside. The lockable sturdy steel cover (yellow) prevents coiled-up wire or twine from destroying the seal.

The tine section works ultra-flat

The interaction between the disc and tine sections creates a perfect symbiosis. The horizontally operating tines cut rhizomatous weeds and emerging plants at a shallow depth and  loosen the soil at a very low intensity. Together with the resulting disruption of capillary action, this ensures that the water balance is protected in the long term. Thanks to the stable lateral control of the tines, this result is achieved across the full working width even on slopes.

The Koralin 9 only tills the topmost soil layer. It reliably undercuts the roots of weeds, catch crops and volunteer cereals at this level.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN flache Bearbeitung

Die Hartmetallbeschichtung der DeltaCut-Schare macht eine dreifach längere Standzeit mit geringem Verschleiß möglich. Durch die Vorarbeit der Scheiben dringen die 38 Zentimeter langen Schare leicht in den Boden ein und können nun flach und verstopfungsfrei arbeiten.

The carbide coating of DeltaCut shares delivers a service life that is three times as long thanks to low wear. As the soil is already prepared by the discs, the 38-cm long shares penetrate the soil easily and work without blockage at a shallow depth.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Deltacut Schar

Perfect teamwork

The disc and tine action must be optimally harmonised to ensure that the implement works without blockage. One disc works immediately in front of the respective share point, and two discs work in front of the share wing.

The multitasker

The Koralin 9 KUA can be used flexibly and is particularly material-friendly due to the combination of discs and tines. With its flat cutting work, it contributes to the protection of the water balance in all areas of application.

Der Anbau von Zwischenfrüchten bringt Leben in den Boden und kann vor allem in erosionsgefährdeten Gebieten die Bodenerosion durch Wasser und Wind wirksam reduzieren.

Die flache Bearbeitung mit dem Koralin 9 unterschneidet die Zwischenfrüchte zuverlässig. Da sie nun kein weiteres Wasser aus dem Boden ziehen, können die Kapillare und damit die nötige Bodenfeuchte erhalten werden.

The cultivation of catch crops revitalises soils and can effectively reduce soil erosion induced by water and wind, especially in areas prone to erosion.

Shallow, full-width tillage with the Koralin 9 reliably undercuts catch crops in spring. As they then stop drawing water from the soil, essential moisture is retained in the soil.

Einarbeitung Zwischenfrucht Koralin 9 von LEMKEN

Right after the harvest is the time for preparing a basis from which the next crop can develop optimally. The Koralin 9 cuts stubble both vertically and horizontally across the full working width to promote rapid microbiological decomposition. At the same time, it incorporates harvest residue at a very shallow depth.

This encourages the even emergence of weed seeds and volunteer cereals while also reducing evaporation. As a result, water in the soil is retained for the next crop.

Stoppelbearbeitung Koralin 9 von LEMKEN

Emerged volunteer cereals and rapeseed are undercut at a shallow depth and left on the surface to dry out and the natural decomposition process is supported in the best possible way.

Water capillaries are cut off close to the surface to prevent capillary rise.

Stoppelbearbeitung Koralin 9 von LEMKEN

The optimum working depth

To keep evaporation low, the Koralin 9 KUA works as shallow as possible. The necessary working depth can be easily and precisely hydraulically adjusted.

The DeltaCut shares are adjusted hydraulically. This requires a double-acting spool valve.

The hydraulic cylinders of the

  1. front depth control wheels
  2. trailer carriage 
  3. side support wheels

are connected as a master/slave system. This allows the shares to be adjusted parallel to the ground. The side sections are able to deflect up or down to ensure reliably precise depth control including in uneven terrain. As depth is controlled via the wheels, the implement can additionally be operated without a roller.

The working depth of the discs can be adjusted between 0 and 10 centimetres independently of the working depth of the tines. This is again done via the double-acting spool valve. In the process, the hydraulic cylinder turns the square tube including the leaf springs to adjust the working depth. The easily readable scale makes the adjustment a breeze. The discs can operate at a shallower or deeper level than the tines to improve soil perforation and protect the soil against erosion.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Arbeitstiefe Scheiben

Safety is the key

Unlike spring tines, the DeltaCut shares of the Koralin 9 work super-stable, across the entire width and, due to the large line spacing of 30 cm, almost clog-free. The overload protection with coil spring elements without grease nipples reduces maintenance requirements and ensures a long service life. A trip force of about 250 kg makes for safe and reliable work even in rocky soils.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Überlastsicherung

The Koralin 9 cultivator features an air brake system to absorb its axle loads. The rigid BPW axle is equipped with spring brake actuators. The brake is released via a button above the transport wheel on the left-hand side in the direction of travel.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Druckluft

Ease of road transport is essential if implements are to be deployed safely and rapidly on fields. With a transport height of 4.0 metres and a transport width of 3.0 metres, depending on the version, the Koralin 9 is easy to transport and complies with all requirements.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Straßentransport

And what happens behind the tines?

The work of the Koralin 9 KUA is by no means done behind the tine section. For reconsolidation and optimal crumbling, you have a choice of three different trailing rollers from the LEMKEN roller range  for the right soil closure. The rollers can be supplemented with a following harrow. This ensures reliable emergence of the volunteer grain.

Perfect straw distribution and improved soil crumbling is achieved with the hydraulically adjustable four-row harrow.

The D400 flat bar roller for impressively high crumbling intensity makies it ideal for use in heavy soils.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Flachstabwalze Grafik

The FRW 540 flex ring roller produces a light soil cover for organic matter.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Flexringwalze Grafik

The DRF 400/400 double roller is an all-rounder for any type of crop thanks to its integrated self-levelling system.


Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Doppelwalze Grafik

The double tube bar roller ensures good crumbling, levelling and reconsolidation and has a high load-bearing capacity on light soils.

Single-row trailing harrow can be used behind all rollers. This tool creates optimal germination conditions for volunteer cereals and weed seeds.

Koralin 9 mit Nachlaufstriegel von LEMKEN

The hydraulically adjustable four-row harrow lifts plant residue and weeds and distributes them evenly on the surface, where they’ll dry and die off.

Koralin 9 mit vierreihigem Striegel von LEMKEN

Brochure Koralin 9


Download all information about the Koralin 9 cultivator.

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Download all information about the Koralin 9 cultivator.