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Koralin 9 K flat cultivator

  • Light-draught mounted cultivator for shallow work
  • Working width 6.60 metres
  • 3 rows of tines

Working flat, protecting the soil

The Koralin K mounted flat cultivator is suitable for small and medium-sized farms. With its tines working across the entire surface, it is suitable for ultra-shallow soil cultivation and for mechanical, full-surface cutting weed control before sowing. It therefore makes an important contribution to protecting the soil. The Koralin is ideal for first and second stubble cultivation to minimise water consumption. It is also suitable for incorporating catch crops, for example.

A semi-mounted flat cultivator with a leading disc element is also available under the name Koralin 9 KUA.

The concept

The Koralin 9 K works in the three-point linkage with three rows of tines arranged symmetrically with 30 centimetre line spacing across a working width of 6.60 metres.

More water, less weeds

The horizontally working tines cut root weeds and emerged plants flat and loosen the soil with a very low intensity. Together with the resulting interruption of the capillary effect, the water balance can be sustainably protected.

The 38 centimetre wide DeltaCut duckfoot shares guarantee flat work across the entire surface from a working depth of two centimetres. They are optionally available with a carbide facing for up to three times longer service life with low wear.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Deltacut Schar

The shares are rigidly mounted and can maintain their exact working depth. They are secured with shear bolts, but can also be equipped with an automatic overload protection. The laterally stable guidance of the tines also enables full-surface work on slopes.

Only the top layer of soil is cultivated with the Koralin 9. The roots of weeds, catch crops and emerged cereals are reliably undercut there.

The depth control of the LEMKEN Koralin is hydraulically operated via a double-acting spool valve. The hydraulic cylinders of the four side and centre depth control wheels are intelligently connected for this purpose. This ensures short set-up times and guarantees that the machine is aligned parallel to the ground. This means that the selected working depth is maintained from 2 cm across the entire working width.

Roller, harrow or both?

For optional reconsolidation and optimal crumbling, you have a choice of four different trailing rollers from the LEMKEN roller range  for the right soil closure. The rollers can be supplemented with a following harrow. This ensures reliable emergence of the volunteer grain.

Perfect straw distribution and improved soil crumbling is achieved with the hydraulically adjustable four-row harrow.

The  FSW 400 flat bar roller for impressively high crumbling intensity makies it ideal for use in heavy soils.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Flachstabwalze Grafik

The FRW 540 flex ring roller produces a light soil cover for organic matter.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Flexringwalze Grafik

The DRF 400/400 double roller is an all-rounder for any type of crop thanks to its integrated self-levelling system.

Koralin 9 von LEMKEN Doppelwalze Grafik

The double tube bar roller ensures good crumbling, levelling and reconsolidation and has a high load-bearing capacity on light soils.

The single-row trailing harrow can be used behind all rollers. This tool creates optimal germination conditions for volunteer cereals and weed seeds.

Koralin 9 mit Nachlaufstriegel von LEMKEN

The double-row trailing harrow works particularly intensively and combs the cut weeds to the surface.

The hydraulically adjustable four-row harrow lifts plant residue and weeds and distributes them evenly on the surface, where they’ll dry and die off.

Koralin 9 mit vierreihigem Striegel von LEMKEN

What does the practitioner say about Koralin K?

The Koralin K is in use on the Pohlmann vegetable farm on the outskirts of Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia). They grow mainly chives, pumpkins, celery and courgettes on 350 ha. To ensure an adequate supply of nitrogen, this organic farm’s crop rotation includes around 70 ha of legumes, mainly soya, lupines, peas and grass-clover. With the Koralin, a possibility was sought to effectively control problem weeds before the main crop. Dirk Heitmann, Head of Arable Farming, on his experiences:

So far, it is as follows: Depending on plant growth, we cut green manure with a knife roller in late winter before turning it in with a disc harrow or plough. We used a shallow cultivator repeatedly to combat weeds as they subsequently emerged. We also employ the “false seedbed” technique, where we essentially prepare our fields ready for sowing. Any re-emerging weeds are then turned in before sowing.

The Koralin replaces our shallow cultivator. Because the shares cut at a shallow depth across the full width, we can even control problem weeds such as thistles, sorrel or couch grass better in multiple passes without drying out the soil. This pays off in the subsequent crop, which needs less hoeing: Manuel hoeing in between rows is particularly time-consuming.

The tractive power of our 200 hp Fendt tractor is plenty for this machine, as is its lifting capacity, if we don’t use the roller and automatic stone protection. An important feature of the mounted version is its manoeuvrability. That’s a great bonus for us in vegetable production because we always keep our headlands as narrow as possible.

Technical data

Koralin 9 660 K Koralin 9 660 KU
Working width (cm) 660 660
Power requirements (hp) from - to 165 - 330 165 - 330
Power requirements (kW) from - to 121 - 243 121 - 243
Weight (kg) 1.983 2.109
Number of tines 22 22
Beam spacing Tines (cm) 100 100
Line spacing Tines (cm) 30 30
Frame height Tines (cm) 57 57
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0

  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 (or Cat. 3 or 4N=L3 Z4)
  • Duck foot shares 380 mm
  • Underframe clearance 57 cm
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment
  • Depth control wheels 4 x 10.5/23-12, 585 x 260 mm
  • Without following tools
  • Without lighting equipment

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.

Brochure Koralin 9


Download all information about the Koralin 9 cultivator.

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Download all information about the Koralin 9 cultivator.