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Diamant 16

  • From 5 to 9 furrows
  • Tractors from 110 kW | 150 hp
Aufsattelpflug Diamant 16 von LEMKEN
Diamant 16 aerial view
Diamant 16 hydraulic supply pipes
Diamant 16 aerial view
Diamant 16 side view

The semi-mounted plough for the highest requirements

Diamant 16 is built for performance and equipped with all our technologies to help you achieve a high level of productivity. On the road or in the field, you will appreciate the comfort!

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Diamant 16: easy handling & high efficiency

  • For more clearance
  • Traction booster
  • OptiLine adjustment system
  • OF-Version
  • Horizontal draw point adjustment
  • Reliable & long service life

For more clearance

The large clearance between the plough headstock and tractor permits a steering angle of up to 90°. The transport wheel is automatically controlled during plough rotation.

The optimal interaction between the reversing mechanism and transport wheel:

  • Allows easy, rapid turning even on narrow headlands
  • Also in hilly or difficult terrain
Diamant 16 clearance

More grip, better traction

Diamant 16 ploughs can be fitted with an optional traction booster.

  • An additional hydraulic cylinder transfers weight to the tractor’s rear axle to boost its traction.
  • This “smart ballasting” system reduces slip and therefore saves fuel.
  • As soon as the hydraulic system raises the plough frame via the transport wheel, the pressure in the traction booster is automatically reduced to ensure that full tractor stability is maintained at all times. As soon as the transport wheel is lowered, pressure is automatically increased again.
Diamant 16 traction increase device

OptiLine: Pull smart, save fuel

  • Fuel savings of up to 10%
  • No need for operators to counter-steer, resulting in considerably less operator strain
  • Set hydraulic pressure for optimal landside pressure and minimal side pull in the tractor
  • Optimal landside pressure for even front furrow widths and consistent results
Diamant 16 Optiline

Onland or in the furrow? OF can do both!

In the OF-Version the Diamant 16 is usable in the furrow or Onland.

  • Also usable with wide, gentle to soils tyres or tractors with crawler tracks
  • Easy switch to plouhing in the furrow at wet soil surface
Diamant 16 Onland

Horizontal draw point adjustment

The height of the horizontal draw point is easily adjusted simply by repositioning a pin (optional with OF version).

  • This allows a precise load transfer to the rear axle of the tractor.
  • When using crawler tracks, the draw point is set very low to ensure that even loads are applied to the tracks.
  • Slip is minimised on all tractors through the optimal transfer of tractive forces.
Diamant 16 horizontal draw point

Superior safety & reliability

All main bearings feature highly robust spherical plain bearings.

  • Particularly long service life
  • Ensure high reliability of operation
Diamant 16 main bearings

Quality & safety on the road

The semi-mounted reversible plough is rotated into its centre position and locked via two stop valves for quick and safe road transport.

  • Safely towed behind the tractor (like any single-axle trailer)
  • Protection against excessive loads through a damper for the transport wheel
  • The ModuLight LED provides maximum safety
Diamant 16 transport on the street

Comfortable working depth adjustment

The large transport wheel minimises soil compaction during ploughing and ensures the required safety for road transport.

  • Hydraulic/mechanical working depth setting (standard equipment)
  • Optional: setting of working depth hydraulic/electrical
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Lifting cylinder protected against dirt
  • The hydro-pneumatic suspension absorbs major impact loads
  • A range of wheel sizes is available upon request
Diamant 16 depth adjustment



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