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  1. Efficient light-weight Solitair DT

    that is LEMKEN’s new Solitair DT seed drill, available [...] your LEMKEN dealer! Solitair DT Light-weight Easy to [...] Ireland Drill combination Solitair DT See more details!

  2. Drill combinations for optimum seed placement

    multiple seeds. Solitair DT Compact-Solitair 9 H Sowing [...] efficient road transport . Solitair DT Efficient lightweight [...] lightweight The new Solitair DT combines maximum light draft

  3. Drill seeding - Perfect seeding on all soils

    drills Solitair 9 Solitair 12 Solitair 23+ Solitair 25 [...] area output. Solitair DT Compact-Solitair 9 H Compac [...] Compact-Solitair 9 HD Compact-Solitair 9 Z & KK Drill co