Solitair 12 SW

Large fertiliser hopper for higher acreage performance with precision drilling

LEMKEN offers the Solitair 12 SW seed trailer for holding fertiliser when working with the Azurit single-seed drill on large farms. The hopper has a capacity of 5,800 litres, allowing daily acreage performances of up to 60 hectares.

The Solitair 12 SW is easily filled using a telescope loader, big bags or a loading auger and adds yet another possible combination to the LEMKEN Azurit range that is particularly useful for large areas. The precision seed drill is coupled directly to the hopper via a standard three-point coupling, without a leading soil cultivation implement. The Azurit itself can also be used in a number of other combinations.

A powerful electric motor drives and controls two seeding shafts, each with four cellular rotors. These shafts dispense fertiliser at precisely the set rate to the Azurit fertiliser coulters, even at high forward speeds. An electro-hydraulic part width section control can be integrated upon request. The hydraulically driven fan provides a constant flow of air, which carries fertiliser evenly to the outermost seed rows.

The Solitair 12 SW features ISOBUS as standard. When using a CCI 1200 terminal, both implements can be displayed and controlled simultaneously via the terminal.

All advantages of the Solitair 12 SW at a glance

  • Hopper with 5,800 litres capacity
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Exact metering of the desired fertiliser quantity by powerful electric motor
  • 2 seeding shafts with 4 cellular wheels each
  • Comfortable and fast filling due to laterally folding cover
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Speed indication via radar sensor
  • Hydraulic traction increase transfers weight to the rear axle of the tractor
  • ISOBUS as standard
Solitair 12 SW
Weight (kg) 2.980
Hopper capacity (l) 5.800
  • Possibility for easy data exchange between Solitair 12 SW and agricultural software via the agrirouter
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3 (or Cat. 3N) with hydraulic traction increase
  • Electronic seed drill control Solitronic with preparation for operation with any ISOBUS terminal
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Lateral folding hopper cover
  • 4-fold fertiliser metering with Mega Plus seed wheels
  • Mechanical switch of width sections
  • Hopper sieve
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Speed indication via radar sensor
  • Digital scale with case
  • Axle with wheels 550/60-22.5, 1,230 x 550 mm
  • Without lighting equipment
  • Without brake system