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23. September 2023

Camera for monitoring cultivator share wear

In December last year, LEMKEN and Track32 put their already successful cooperation on a new footing: The agricultural machinery manufacturer invested in the Dutch AI software producer to work intensively on future technologies. With “iQblue tool monitoring”, a system for detecting tool breakage and wear and analysing the wear of cultivator shares, the first jointly developed product is now ready for action. It will be awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2023. 

Decision support for the farmer & relief for the driver

The camera system monitors the shares and automatically records their current condition while working at the headland. It therefore provides farmers with a valuable decision-making aid for changing and buying spare parts.

Additionally, drivers have one less task to focus on. iQblue tool monitoring is the first system on the market that ensures objective assessment even in difficult conditions.


Inovation Award Agritechnica

Traffic light system for wear parts

The system comprises a camera, which takes a large number of individual images of the tine section on a three-metre-wide cultivator while working at the headland. A software algorithm evaluates the condition of the shares, which is then displayed on the ISOBUS terminal via a traffic light system. Extensively worn shares are shown in red, while damaged shares are marked in yellow and intact shares in green. Based on this information, the system calculates not only future wear but also the point in time at which it makes sense to replace the shares. If necessary, users can retrieve the current tool status at any time.


Automatische Verschleißerkennung iQblue

For the best quality of work

iQblue tool monitoring conveniently supports farmers in achieving optimal work quality by enabling them to buy and replace wear parts at the ideal time. The system also contributes to occupational safety by detecting potential.