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Karat 10

  • Working width from 3 to 7 m
  • Tractors between 105-490 Hp | 75-360 kW
  • 3 beams
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatz Stoppelbearbeitung (2)
LEMKEN cultivator Karat 10 in action
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Luftbild
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatzbild

Low-draught and blockage-free for shallow and deep stubble cultivation

The Karat 10 three-beam cultivator reveals its efficient design at first glance: The tines are arranged symmetrically about the towing axle, making the machine extremely low-draught and ensuring intensive mixing at the same time. This is particularly important when using the cultivator with track guidance systems. For catch crop sowing, the Karat 10 can be combined with the SeedHub catch crop seed drill.

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Advantages of three-beam cultivator Karat 10

  • Extremely low-draught
  • Ensures intensive mixing
  • Lower traction requirements
  • Symmetrically arranged tines about the towing axle
  • Blockage-free working
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatz Luftaufnahme

Shallow to deep in no time

Full-surface cutting during the first flat stubble cultivation and simple and quick tool change ensure an optimum working result in the first pass.

Widened wing shares (here K 8 H + KF 33 P) guarantee a full-surface cut with line spacings of 30 or 31 cm.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Flügelschar

For working depths of less than 5 cm, the Karat 10 can be equipped with DeltaCut shares. For deeper tillage, share points are available in different widths, including special narrow shares.

Karat 10 Deltacut-Schar

The quick-change system (which comes as standard) ensures that tools can be easily changed to match your practical needs. To change tools, the interchangeable share foot, which is secured by a linch pin, is removed and exchanged for the required version, for example one without wing shares for deeper tillage. No tools are required.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Schnellwechselsystem

Different share versions are available, depending on operating conditions and area output are the following versions possible:

  • Standard
  • carbide
  • hard-faced
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Wechselscharfuß
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 optimale Einebnung (2)

Optimal levelling across the entire working width

Even in the basic version, the Karat 10 enables precise work across the entire width, even in difficult terrain.

Boundary discs or side shields ensure optimal levelling along the outer cultivator edges. This supports precise pass alignment.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Seitenschilde

The boundary discs can be folded up mechanically or hydraulically. This makes it easy to work with folded-up boundary discs, for example along fences.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Randscheiben

Centrally adjustable levelling elements behind the tine section ensure even levelling.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Nivellierelemente
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatz Stoppelbearbeitung

Blockage-free operation in all conditions

Large bar spacings and underframe clearances guarantee blockage-free work even with large volumes of organic matter.

mounted version

  • Line distance: 30 cm
  • Beam spacing: 70/70 cm
  • Underframe clearance: 80 cm

semi-mounted version

  • Line distance: 31 cm
  • Beam spacing: 100/100 cm
  • Underframe clearance: 80 cm


LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Balkenabstand

The Karat 10 can optionally be fitted with a leading disc section. This ensures that large volumes of organic matter can be incorporated even better into the soil.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Scheibenvorläufer

The discs have a diameter of 520 mm and are individually suspended on leaf springs. They chop organic matter and break up coarse soil clumps so that the cultivator is able to mix soil intensively and work without blockages. The discs are convenient to adjust hydraulically to the desired working depth from the tractor seat.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 verstopfungsfrei Scheibenvorläufer
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 perfekt gerüstet (2)

Optimally prepared for any job

The right trailing implement can be selected from the extensive roller range to provide reconsolidation and achieve an optimum crumbling effect.

An additional single-row harrow creates optimal germination conditions for volunteer cereals and weed seeds and removes soil from roots.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Striegel
LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 umfangreiches Zubehör (2)

Comprehensive range of accessories for semi-mounted versions

Find the perfect combination for your needs. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

Deichseltypen in verschiedenen Längen und mit unterschiedlichen Koppelpunkten ermöglichen den Einsatz an allen Traktoren, auch mit maximaler Reifenbreite.

Drawbars available in a range of types and lengths and with different coupling points allow the machine to be used with all tractors, even with maximum tyre width.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Deichseltypen

For optimal traction transmission, the Karat 10 K(U)A can also be equipped with a hydraulic traction booster. This “smart ballasting” system reduces slip and therefore saves fuel.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Grafik Traktionsverstärkung

For working at a constant working depth in hilly terrain, the equipment option with ContourTrack is recommended.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Grafik Hügel

With this system, a pivot point in the frame behind the working section plus another hydraulic cylinder prevent the machine from working too shallow in depressions and too deep on hills.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Grafik Senke

Select a model

  • K = Foldable
  • KA = Foldable, semi-mounted
  • U = Non-Stop overload safety device

Technical data

Karat 10/300 Karat 10/350 Karat 10/400 Karat 10/300 U Karat 10/350 U Karat 10/400 U
Working width (cm) 299 344 398 299 344 398
Power requirements (hp) from - to 105 - 180 125 - 210 140 - 240 105 - 180 125 - 210 140 - 240
Power requirements (kW) from - to 75 - 135 90 - 155 105 - 175 75 - 135 90 - 155 105 - 175
Weight (kg) 970 1.035 1.180 1.275 1.370 1.570
Article number 722 1404 722 1405 722 1406 722 1414 722 1415 722 1416
Number of tines 10 11 13 10 11 13

Basic equipment

  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 (or Cat. 3)
  • Quick-change tines with shearbolt device, as U-version additionally with automatic overload safety device
  • Hard-faced points K 12 P (120 mm wide) with guideboard KL 10 (100 mm wide)
  • Underframe clearance 80 cm
  • Outer guideboards
  • Levelling tines with shearbolt device, mechanically adjustable
  • Without roller

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.

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