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Rubin 12

  • From 3 m to 9,5 m working width
  • Tractors between 135 - 560 hp | 99 - 412 kW
  • Working depth up to 20 cm
Rubin 12 600 KUA
Rubin 12 600 KUA
Rubin 12 300 KUA
Rubin 12 500 KUA
Rubin 12 700 KUA

Compact disc harrow with in-depth effect

With Rubin 12, LEMKEN introduces a compact disc harrow that enables deeper cultivation comparable to a tined cultivator up to a depth of 20 cm. The Rubin 12 is suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even under the heaviest soil conditions.

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Rubin 12

  • Two rows of serrated concave discs
  • Symmetrical arrangement of the discs
  • Optimum penetration
  • Cultivation over the whole width
  • Specially curved and coiled legs
  • An impact harrow and a levelling harrow
  • Semi-mounted versions

Overview - Rubin 12

Intense crumbling

Two rows of serrated concave discs with a diameter of 736 mm let the Rubin 12 mix and crumble intensively.

Rubin 12 gezackte Hohlscheiben

Working without side force

The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in each row enables working without lateral pull, even at high driving speeds.

Rubin 12 symmetrische Scheiben

The slope is what counts

The angle of the discs of 20° to the soil to provide optimum penetration.

Rubin 12 Scheibenneigung Boden

Inclined position & full coverage

The inclined position to the direction of travel by 14° and 16° enable cultivation over the whole width from a working depth of 7 cm.

Rubin 12 Schrägstellung Fahrtrichtung

Stubble cultivation without clogging

Specially curved and coiled legs ensure maximum clearance between the discs. This prevents clogging, along with the slight offset of the middle discs.

Rubin 12 Nivelliers

Perfect levelling

An impact harrow behind the first row of discs provides intensive mixing and crumbling, while a levelling harrow behind the second row ensures optimal soil distribution and perfect levelling.

Rubin 12 Prallstriegel

Lift and transfer the weight

In the mounted version, the Rubin 12 can be equipped with a depth and transport wheel, which loads the front tractor axle when the implement is lifted. Here, a new semi-mounted system is used that requires no additional control unit.

Rubin 12 Unirad

Select a model

  • U = Mechanical Non-Stop overload safety device
  • KUA = Foldable, semi-mounted, mechanical Non-Stop overload safety device,

Technical data

Rubin 12/300 U Rubin 12/350 U Rubin 12/400 U
Working width (cm) 300 350 400
Power requirements (hp) from - to 135 - 240 158 - 280 180 - 320
Power requirements (kW) from - to 99 - 177 116 - 206 132 - 235
Weight (kg) 2 046 2 141 2 616
Article number 722 3131 722 3132 722 3133
Number of discs 18 18 22
Disc diameter (mm) 736 736 736

Basic equipment

  • Without roller
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3 (or Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 or 4N=L3 Z4)
  • Underframe clearance 80 cm
  • Rebound harrow with comfort adjustment behind the
    first disc row
  • Levelling harrow with comfort adjustment behind the
    second disc row
  • Mechanically swivable outer concave discs
  • Concave discs with overload safety device 736 x 6 mm notched
  • side shields

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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