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Rubin 10

  • From 3 m to 7 m working width
  • Tractors between 87 - 350 hp | 64 - 258 KW
  • Working depth up to 14 cm
Rubin 10 400 KU
Rubin 10 600 KUA
Rubin 10 Getreidestoppel
Rubin 10 Luftbild
Rubin 10 Maisstroh

Shallow, fast and intensive

The Rubin compact disc harrow guarantees intensive, uniform mixing of organic matter and soil to a depth of approximately 14 cm, Its high weight guarantees penetration, even under hard conditions, and therefore reduces moisture loss from evaporation. This makes the Rubin highly suitable for shallow, reliable stubble cultivation at high working speeds.

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Rubin 10

  • Symmetrical arrangement of every row of serrated concave discs
  • Middle discs are offset
  • DuraMaxx discs
  • An impact harrow and a levelling harrow
  • Semi-mounted versions
  • Support wheels
  • Recoil cushioning

Precise work saves fuel

The symmetrical arrangement of every row of serrated concave discs provides precise directional stability with no side draft, even when driving on slopes, and maximises fuel savings.

Rubin 10 vor weißem Hintergrund

Patented disc placement

The middle discs are offset to prevent blockages and provide for even tillage over the full working width.

Rubin 10 Anordnung Scheiben

Less wear

The new through-hardened DuraMaxx discs with a 645-mm diameter deliver maximum service life and operating times with reduced maintenance costs

Rubin 10 Duramaxx auf dem Feld

Comfortably adjustable harrow

An impact or levelling harrow with comfort adjustment, which can be individually and finely adjusted, is provided behind the two rows of discs for precise deposition of the flow of soil.

Rubin 10 Prallstriegel

Safety first!

The transport wheel design for mounted implements allows the use of heavy rollers and ensures safe operation on the road.

Rubin 10 Aufsattelradkonzept

Quality work in all conditions

Support wheels for folding semi-mounted implements guarantee consistent working depths even in variable soils and precise pass alignment on slopes.

Rubin 10 Stützradkonzept

Recoil cushioning for difficult conditions

When hitting obstacles, the concave discs deflect independently upwards and rapidly return to their working position.
The energy from the spring is transferred to the ground and does not place any strain on the frame.

Rubin 10 Rückschlagdämpfung

Select a model

  • U = Mechanical Non-Stop overload safety device
  • KU = Foldable, mechanical Non-Stop overload safety device
  • KUA = Foldable, semi-mounted, mechanical Non-Stop overload safety device,

Technical data

Rubin 10/300 U Rubin 10/350 U Rubin 10/400 U
Working width (cm) 300 350 400
Power requirements (hp) from - to 105 - 150 122 - 175 140 - 200
Power requirements (kW) from - to 77 - 110 90 - 129 103 - 147
Weight (kg) 1 675 1 810 1 950
Article number 722 3006 722 3007 722 3008
Number of discs 24 28 32
Disc diameter (mm) 645 645 645

Basic equipment

  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3
    ( or Cat. 3 or 4N=L3 Z4 )
  • Underframe clearance 80 cm
  • Levelling harrow with comfort adjustment behind the
    second disc row
  • Mechanically swivable outer concave discs 
  • Concave discs DuraMaxx Disc 645 x 6 mm, notched with automatic overload safety device
  • Without roller

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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