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VarioPack furrow press

Effective on any soil

For good reconsolidation, LEMKEN has the right solution for all operating conditions with the VarioPack furrow press - for ploughing and sowing.

The advantages at a glance

  • Very flexible due to the ring construction without individual hubs
  • Low wear
  • Blockage-free work
  • Low maintenance

Clog-free & low-wear design

The packer construction without a central axle prevents clogging in the inner space. The ring shape, ring profile and the special attachment method guarantee maximum stability, breaking strength, minimum wear and thus little maintenance, even on rocky soils.

  • Lots of wearing material in the main usage zone ensures a long service life for the packer.
  • In addition, sturdy, highly wearresistant rubber cleaning bands with a cloth liner are available to allow the packer to work without clogging.
Variopack blockage-free working

Variable working width

Thanks to the ring construction without individual hubs, the working width of the LEMKEN furrow press can be easily adjusted by adding or removing rings. This allows them to be precisely fitted to any plough.

Variopack variable width

Best reconsolidation when ploughing and sowing

Here you will find the right furrow press for every purpose

Furrow press for ploughing

The VarioPack furrow press is the all-rounder among the LEMKEN plough packers with different variants, different ring profiles and diameters and variable working widths.

VarioPack plough furrow press
Furrow press for ploughing

Front furrow press for the best seedbed

The VarioPack front packer ensures good reconsolidation and the crushing of coarse clods during sowing. The tractor wheels sink in only minimally and the subsequent seedbed preparation is made much easier.

VarioPack front furrow press for sowing
VarioPack front mounting in action

Which furrow press is suitable for my soil?

The LEMKEN VarioPack furrow press is available in various models:

  • As a single or double-row packer
  • With 700 mm or 900 mm ring diameter
  • With 30° or 45° ring profile
  • 45 ° with shoulder (only for 900 mm ring diameter)
  • As a furrow press or front packer