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VarioPack front furrow press

  • Single row
  • 700 mm or 900 mm ring diameter
  • 30° or 45° ring profile
VarioPack front mounting in action
VarioPack front mounting

Compact with optimal centre of gravity

The front packer (FE) is characterised by its short design, active steering, and a very favourable centre of gravity. It is available with one row of rings in rigid and folding versions.

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Overview - VarioPack front furrow press

Perfectly combined for sowing

Due to its reconsolidation, apart from the plough furrow press with push device, the VarioPack attached to the front hydraulics prevents the tractor wheels from sinking deep into the soil and the formation of a ridge between the wheels.

  • This creates optimal conditions for a uniform seedbed.
  • In addition, the subsequent implements can work at more shallow depths because they no longer need to eliminate the tractor tracks.
  • It also serves as a counterweight to the drill combination during road transport and at the headland when lifted.

Integrated steering

The integrated steering works via a pull point located ahead of the furrow press. The adjustable steering sensitivity ensures precise pass alignment even in hilly terrain or when working with GPS-controlled tractors.

  • • Mechanically or hydraulically (optional) pre-loadable steering, e.g. for working on slopes
  • • Individual adaptation to local conditions
  • • Safe furrow press return to the centre position
Variopack front mounting integrated steering

The foldable front furrow press

The hydraulically foldable VarioPack with mechanical steering device enables working widths of up to 6 metres with a transport width under 3 metres.

  • The view to the front is not blocked by the implement frame or spokes.
  • The pendulum device ensures uniform work quality on all soils through the ideal soil adaptation and the independent deflection of the lateral parts when they hit stones or other obstacles.
  • It can be parked in folded position, and comes with a complete lighting system for safe road transport.
Variopack front mounting transport

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Technical data

VarioPack FE 250-90 VarioPack FE 300-90 VarioPack FE 350-90 VarioPack FE 400-90
Working width (cm) 250 300 350 400
Weight (kg) 1330 1500 1670 2010
Article number 88 1201L 88 1202L 88 1203L 88 1204L
Rings 12 14 16 20
Ring diameter (mm) 900 900 900 900

Basic equipment

  • Without lighting equipment
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2
  • Scrapers
  • Ring profile 30°, 45° or 45° with shoulder
  • Integrated steering with mechanically adjustable
    steering sensitivity
  • Stand for parking in working position

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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