02. November 2015

LEMKEN launches largest compact disc harrow

Gigant Heliodor system carrier now with 16 metres working width

LEMKEN has completed the trial phase of the world's largest compact disc harrow on large farms in eastern Germany and North America and is now ready to launch it on the market. With a working width of 16 metres and an acreage performance of up to 25 hectares per hour, the Heliodor 9 combined with the Gigant 12 S system carrier provides enormous efficacy on large-scale farms.

The implement's disc diameter has been enlarged from 465 to 510 mm to ensure a long disc service life commensurate with the high acreage performance. The larger discs also allow the working depth to be increased by 2 cm to up to 14 cm.

The new Heliodor Gigant is attached to the tractor's double-clip drawbar via a drawbar eye. The two 4-metre sections of the Heliodor 9, which combine to form 8-metre units, are attached to the two three-point linkages of the Gigant system carrier. The self-levelling lower links ensure that the two 8-metre sections independently adjust to surface contours. The self-levelling suspension provided for all of the four 4-metre sections achieves an optimum adjustment over the implement's full working width and results in consistently precise depth control including in uneven terrain.

The three-point linkages are connected to double-acting control units to ensure that weight can be transferred from the system carrier to the Heliodor sections, especially in hard soils. As a result, the Heliodor consistently delivers optimum quality of work, despite its large working width. Large-volume, 800 mm wide tyres reduce soil compaction to a minimum and, together with compact transport dimensions (3.50 metres width, 4 metres height) provide for good road handling of the Gigant Heliodor.


LEMKEN, a specialist for professional arable farming with annual sales of EUR 344 million, and a global company employing more than 1,200 staff, is one of Europe's leading suppliers. Founded as a blacksmith's shop in 1780, this family-operated company produces high-quality, high-performance agricultural implements for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection at its German headquarters in Alpen and its two production plants in Föhren and Haren. Innovation in the best interest of our customers guides our thoughts and actions. For additional information on LEMKEN please visit our homepage at www.lemken.com.

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LEMKEN launches largest compact disc harrow
[Translate to English:] LEMKEN Gigant 12S, Heliodor 9 mit 16 Metern Arbeitsbreite
LEMKEN launches largest compact disc harrow
[Translate to English:] LEMKEN Gigant 12S, Heliodor 9