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Selected materials, state-of-the-art production

Our agricultural implements need to work reliably even under extremely demanding conditions. That’s why we leave nothing to chance in our production: We focus on superior quality when selecting special steels already, allowing us to achieve outstanding robustness and resistance to wear. The quality of all incoming goods is verified by spectral analysis before goods are accepted.

Hardening and tempering

Hardening of the steel

We have largely automated the processing of base materials to tough, wear-resistant components. We use robotic polishing lines especially developed for us to provide the smoothest possible surfaces. 


Cathodic dip-paint coating

We use a sophisticated cathodic dip-paint coating machine that electrolytically applies paint to components before baking the paint particles on for optimum, long-lasting protection against corrosion. 

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

After final assembly by our highly qualified employees, implements undergo another demanding inspection for quality assurance – a process that LEMKEN assigns very high priority to during the entire production cycle to maintain consistently high quality.

See for yourself: Watch a LEMKEN plough through its various manufacturing stages.