02. November 2015

Complete update of the Heliodor compact disc harrow

The Heliodor compact disc harrow, which was successfully launched in 2005, has recently undergone a major update. LEMKEN upgraded the "smallest" compact disc harrow in its range with larger discs to extend its scope of application.

The new Heliodor 9 features discs with 510 mm diameter, that is 45 mm larger than its predecessor. This results in a considerably longer service life, and the implement's working depth can additionally be increased by 2 cm to 14 cm. As the unique disc position of the LEMKEN compact disc harrows has proven so successful over many years, both cutting angle and undercut have been retained without change. The high-quality, maintenance-free axial angular ball bearings are also still the same as in the Heliodor 8.

Hydraulic working depth adjustment for mounted, folding and folding semi-mounted models is now available as a new option. Users therefore have a choice between adjusting the Heliodor's working depth to local conditions of use by repositioning bolts or by simply making these adjustments from the comfort of the tractor cabin.

If the compact disc harrow is used mainly for seedbed preparation, the working depth of the discs running in the tractor track can be adjusted separately via a hole matrix. This ensures optimum levelling even of the tractor tracks. Depending on the width of the tractor tyres, 4, 6 or 8 discs can be adjusted in each row.

The headstock of the Heliodor 9 has been updated to allow implements to be coupled to the tractor via a quick-hitch system, mainly to meet the requirements on the North American market.

The boundary discs, which help prevent ridges from forming on the sides, can be quickly and easily adjusted to local conditions by simply repositioning bolts. This allows the clearance to be increased to prevent clogging during stubble cultivation, or the boundary discs to be placed vertically for seedbed preparation and cultivation to facilitate precise parallel tracking.

In addition to these technical innovations, the Heliodor compact disc harrow range has been expanded by two working widths: the Heliodor 9 will now also be available with 4.50 and 7 metres working width, both mounted and semi-mounted, and the range of available working widths in this product group will therefore extend from 2.50 to 16 metres.


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Complete update of the Heliodor compact disc harrow
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Complete update of the Heliodor compact disc harrow
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