14. November 2017

Azurit is Machine of the Year 2018

The award “Machine of the Year” is one of Agritechnica’s biggest highlights. This year the single seed drill Azurit was the winner in the category sowing and planting. More than 20 farming journalists from eight countries emphasised the Delta Row system as outstanding and innovative.

Its staggered grain placement in a twin row provides 70 % more space to the plant than conventional systems for a better growth. Up to 87 cm wide tramlines are another advantage of the Azurit, especially as the number of plants remains constant. One of the two twin rows can be deactivated and while the seeding rate for the other twin row is doubled. 

For further information about the Azurit visit azurit.lemken.com

Azurit is Machine of the Year 2018
[Translate to Español - International:] V.l.n.r. Matthias Mumme (traction), Karl Bockholt (agrarheute), Christian Gotzen (Konstrukteur Drilltechnik), Dennis Bergerfurth (Konstrukteur Drilltechnik), Gottfried Giesen (Leiter Entwicklung), Nicola Lemken (Gesellschafterin), Anthony van der Ley (CEO), Dr. Uwe Steffin (agrarheute)