02. November 2015

Automatic calibration for the Solitair 25

LEMKEN develops new automated calibration process for the new Solitair 25 seed drill

LEMKEN will introduce the Solitair 25, the first model of its new generation of Solitair pneumatic seed drills, at the Agritechnica 2015. LEMKEN has developed an automated calibration process for this machine, which can be easily launched from the tractor cabin by the operator, who only needs to enter core parameters such as thousand-grain weight, seeding rate and maximum working speed at the terminal.

The calibration process is started by the newly developed vertically arranged metering units. Seeds are transported to a weighing unit in the machine's seed hopper by a blower fan via a seed turnout. When the calibration sample has been weighed the results are transmitted to the job computer. The weigher automatically discharges the seed sample into the hopper. After that, the operator only needs to confirm the weighed result and the possible working speed before starting the seeding process.

The metering units, which are individually driven by an integrated electric motor, allow the seeding rate to be variably modified by adjusting the motor speed and the stepless cell wheel. This ensures that an optimum seed flow is maintained in any situation.

The automated calibration process makes drilling preparation more efficient and faster and avoids errors. The adjusted seed quantity can be easily checked with another calibration process. A more detailed calibration or check can be performed by calibrating individual width sections via their respective metering units.


LEMKEN, a specialist for professional arable farming with annual sales of EUR 344 million, and a global company employing more than 1,200 staff, is one of Europe's leading suppliers. Founded as a blacksmith's shop in 1780, this family-operated company produces high-quality, high-performance agricultural implements for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection at its German headquarters in Alpen and its two production plants in Föhren and Haren. Innovation in the best interest of our customers guides our thoughts and actions.

Automatic calibration for the Solitair 25
[Translate to English - South Africa:] LEMKEN Solitair 25
Automatic calibration for the Solitair 25
[Translate to English - South Africa:] Anordnung Abdreheinrichtung
Automatic calibration for the Solitair 25
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