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For our environment

As a specialist for professional crop production, LEMKEN is strongly committed to environmental protection. Our modern agricultural machinery helps make more efficient use of existing agricultural potential and boost yields per hectare.

Soil protection plays an equally important role as implement durability, the protection of valuable resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions in production.

We are very much aware of our responsibility and invest continually in optimising our operational processes to ensure that our production processes are environmentally compatible and our products can make a major contribution towards feeding the world's population.

Taking our responsibilities seriously

We take not only our environmental and business responsibilities, but also our social responsibilities seriously. After all, LEMKEN is a family business.

  • in which everybody is a valued part of the whole,
  • in which cooperation plays a fundamental role,
  • in which everybody is able to participate in our success and
  • in which we live and breathe openness and continuity.

What we are about is not just corporate success; we are also about us as people and our relationships. That’s why each and every member of the LEMKEN family is important to us. Mutual trust on all levels always forms the foundation on which the further development of all of our corporate divisions is built.

A smart administration building

LEMKEN Headquarter Alpen

Planning for the LEMKEN administration building, which was completed in 2004, focused equally on cost and energy efficiency: Since process heat from the tempering processes in production was freely available for use, no separate heating system was necessary for the administration building. A transfer line to the factory building, combined with an intelligent control system, ensures that temperatures in office and training rooms are maintained at appropriate levels. In winter, the cooling water from the tempering process is heated to a pleasant temperature and distributed via an underfloor heating system, using a heat pump.

In summer, the discharge water, which has a temperature of approx. 16°C, provides for free cooling. As a consequence, there was no need at all for a conventional air-conditioning system, which usually incurs high operating costs and uses environmentally harmful CFC compounds.

Additionally, the consumption costs of this low-energy building are approx. 77% lower than those of conventional office buildings.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery

When a new paint line was built in 2009, LEMKEN ensured that a comprehensive energy concept was implemented, which revolves around the use of so-called energy rings. These are installed at various points of the paint shop in order to recover and reuse energy via heat exchangers. Excess energy is additionally used to heat the assembly halls, or it can be fed back to the tempering process in the form of cooling water.

The energy efficiency concept further includes the use and storage of geothermal energy. For this purpose, 50 geothermal probes were installed to a depth of 30 metres. The benefits are obvious: Centralised energy cycles and storage systems substantially reduce the consumption of conventional sources of energy such as gas or water.

The amortisation period, which is less than five years, clearly confirms that these substantial investments were justified, despite an increase in power consumption. The annual reduction in CO2 emissions is approx. 500 tons.

Solar power

Solar power

The most recent investment in environmental protection involved the purchase of two photovoltaic systems at the LEMKEN plant in Alpen in 2011/12. These solar energy systems were installed on the roofs of two factory buildings following a thorough structural analysis. The two roofs now carry 2,037 photovoltaic modules and more than 11 km of cabling.

The full system yields a calculated maximum output of approx. 515kW, which would be enough to meet the annual power requirements of about 100 four-person households. LEMKEN saves almost 250 tons of CO2 per year, even accounting for the CO2 consumption associated with the manufacture of the system. The power generated by the LEMKEN system is fed into the public grid.