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Karat 9

  • From 4 m to 5 m working width
  • Tractors between 140 - 300 Hp | 105 - 220 kW
  • Triple-beam
Karat 9 K im Einsatz
Karat 9 K im Einsatz
Karat 9 K im Einsatz

Intensive work in deep and shallow stubble cultivation

The Karat 9 intensive cultivator is suitable for initial shallow, all-over stubble cultivation after combining, as well as deep, intensive mixing to incorporate straw at a later date. The tractor-mounted Karat 9 has an easily accessible depth adjustment system to set working depth in small increments between 5 and 30 cm without using tools.

The Karat 9 is available in mounted folding versions with 4 and 5 m working width. Rigid and semi-mounted three-beam cultivators can be found on the successor model Karat 10.

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Karat 9

  • Innovative quick-change system
  • Simple depth adjustment
  • Non-Stop overload safety device

Shallow or deep?

With the innovative quick-change system, the shares can be changed quickly and easily without tools so that the cultivator can be tailored to the different requirements of shallow or deep mixing cultivation.

Karat 9 quick-change system

Avoid obstacles

The maintenance-free automatic overload safety device (option) allows the tines to move upwards and backwards when they hit an obstruction.

Karat 9 overload safety unit

Perform very shallow stubble cultivation!

The new DeltaCut shares (KG 35) also allow extra-shallow tillage at a working depth of up to five centimetres.

Karat 9 detail



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