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Precision drill

Precision and efficiency

Precision drilling is the youngest product group in the LEMKEN sowing range. The Azurit 9 precision drill with the unique DeltaRow method can be combined with the Solitair 25 pneumatic seed drill or the Compact-Solitair seed drill combination. It can also be combined with the Solitair 23 and Solitair 12 SW hoppers for fertiliser supply.

Azurit 9

The Azurit 9 precision seed drill from LEMKEN impresses with its innovative DeltaRow method for precision drilling. The placement of the grains in two offset rows gives the plants a significantly greater surface area than with conventional methods. read more

Solitair 12 SW

LEMKEN offers the Solitair 12 SW seed trailer for holding fertiliser when working with the Azurit single-seed drill on large farms. The hopper has a capacity of 5,800 litres, allowing daily acreage performances of up to 60 hectares. read more