With tank volumes from 900 to 2,100 litres and working widths of up to 24 metres, the Spica is ideal for smaller businesses, above all. This implement was designed for making the handling of your fertiliser spreader as easy as possible. This goal was achieved through and through! Mounting, filling, adjusting – it only takes a few steps before you’re all set to work on your fields.

  • The sophisticated FERTIWAY system regulates the working width by changing the fertiliser drop point. The benefits: Fertiliser granules remain intact without breakage, and granule abrasion is prevented at the same time.
  • The easy-to-read quantity scale allows you to adjust the fertiliser quantity manually with great precision down to the kilo.
  • The scale for adjusting the working width is easy to read and therefore allows free, precise manual adjustment.
  • The oscillating agitator is gentle to fertiliser and delivers an even flow of granulate.
  • Two funnel outlets and an inclined shutter ensure an even flow of fertiliser, even on slopes or when fill levels are low
  • The robust dip-coating ensures a long spreader service life without rust.
  • The inclination adjustment and display support precise late top dressing.
  • Calibration testing and drainage are particularly easy thanks to the mobile feeder chute.
  • Thanks to the stainless-steel ECOBORD spreader vane for precise border spreading along field edges, you not only comply with EU regulations, but also protect the environment.
  • LEMKEN FERTITEST was developed for the easy calculation of the correct settings. You can then manually simply transfer the values calculated using the online app to your spreader.
Spica 8 Spica 8 Spica 8 Spica 8 Spica 8
Working width (m) 9-18 9-18 12-24 12-24 12-24
Max. Tank volume (l) 900 1500 900 1500 2100
Overall width (m) 2,36 2,36 2,36 2,36 2,36
Filling dimensions (m) 1,23 x 2,21 1,23 x 2,21 1,23 x 2,21 1,23 x 2,21 1,23 x 2,21
Filling height (m) 0,87 0,87 0,87 1,05 1,25
Weight (approx.) (kg) 300 300 300 345 385
Load capacity (kg) 2100 2100 2100 2100 2100
  • Manual spreading width adjustment
  • Manual quantity adjustment
  • Electronic dosing shutter operation


  • Precise spreading along field edges with the ECOBORD spreader vane
  • Optionally also available with the TRIBORD 2D electronic border spreader