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Consistent depth of cultivation

Precise depth control can be difficult to achieve in semi-mounted cultivators due to their overall length. However, the LEMKEN ContourTrack system for the Karat KA proves that it is possible:

With electronic contour following, the cultivator is additionally guided via another hydraulic ram in the frame, based on the pressure applying to the depth control wheels. The hydraulic controls the position of the roller/concave disc unit to ensure that it follows the surface contours.

As a result, the desired working depth is consistently maintained, even when driving over crests or through dips. It also ensures that the traction is evenly transferred to the tractor – without any manual adjustments! This in turn takes strain off the driver and produces consistent results.

LEMKEN ContourTrack

If you presume that a certain load on the support wheels corresponds to the working depth desired, the support wheel load has to be maintained even in a hilly area. At a length of eight metres for a semi-mounted Karat, up to now it could not be kept automatically while working in a valley or on a hilltop. In the low spots the cultivator works shallower than desired if it is not re-adjusted, and on the hilltop deeper. The traction power requirement strongly increases as a result.

The additional hydraulic ram in the semimounted frame behind the tine section now controls the position of the disc/roller unit via the rotation point thus enabling it to follow the contours of the land. The load of the support wheels right next to the tine section and thus the working depth therefore remains constant. The standard hydraulic depth adjustment is not affected. The remaining support loads which are caused by the weight of the machine and tines entering the soil are completely transferred to the tractor.

LEMKEN ContourTrack in hilly areas

The hydraulic ram is controlled by an electronic device which receives a continuous signal from force measurement bolts at each support wheel. If the pressure changes the length of the ram is automatically adjusted. The driver has to adjust his working depth only once prior to work in order to calibrate the system and can be sure of a regular working quality. The simple but effective system is available as an option for the semi-mounted Karat cultivator. Thus the customer gains a dual benefit. He saves fuel with the standard traction increase unit of the Karat and the optimum soil adaptation provides a perfect working result in hilly areas.