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Special edition 2022

With our LEMKEN special editions 2022, we offer you and your customers a significant price advantage.

Order our finished configured models as long as the stock lasts at the best prices and conditions!

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Juwel 8 M V 5 N 100

Pioneering plough technology

The Juwel 8 mounted reversible plough combines operational safety, ease of operation and quality of work. It is equipped with hydraulic working width adjustment as standard. With a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, working widths from 30 to 60 cm per body can be adjusted from the tractor cabin.

More infos about the Juwel 8

  • Top link connection: Cat. 3
  • Lower link connection: L3 Z3 (Cat. 3)
  • Underframe clearance: 80cm
  • Frame setting: Hydraulic frame swing in
  • Plough bodies: CS50 Dural
  • Landside: A42
  • Shares: 2SP+SB45D/SB56D
  • Skimmer stalks: Standard
  • Skimmers: MS2-S245
  • Disc coulter: 1 Paar D500 gez vor/neben DE
  • Support wheel: Uni-wheel damped 340/55-16
  • Lighting equipment: Preparation available

Karat 9/300

Intensive work in shallow and deep stubble cultivation

The Karat 9 intensive cultivator with a working width of 3 metres is suitable both for the first shallow and complete stubble cultivation after grain harvesting, and for the subsequent deeper and intensive mixing operations or for seedbed preparation during mulch sowing.

More Infos about the Karat 9

  • Top link connection: Cat. 3
  • Lower link connection: L2 Z3 (Cat. 3N)
  • Quick-change system: tines with interchangeable   
  • Side discs: 1 pair, hinged for transport
  • Shares: K8P/KL8 + KF30
  • Roller: MSW D600-L knife roller
  • Lighting system: front and rear

Seed combination Zirkon 8 & Saphir 9/300 DS 125

Perfect sowing in all soils
The seed drill combination of Zirkon 8 + Saphir 9 with a working width of 3 metres is a guarantee for reliable seed distribution and uniformly high yielding seed emergence. The short and compact seed drill combination primarily serves small and medium-sized farms with high-quality seeding technology for well spaced and uniform seed placement.

More infos about the Zirkon 8

More infos about the Saphir 9

Zirkon 8

  • Roller: TPW D500-125
  • Rear levelling bar: at the back
  • Side plate: + side plate extension
  • Headstock: Heavy duty
  • Bout marker: hydr. vertical folding

Saphir 9

  • Lifting System: hydraulic
  • Rear pressure wheels: 24 pieces
  • Tramline rows: 2x3
  • Seed hopper: 1.160l capacity 
  • Rear Harrow: single harrow adjustable
  • Lighting system: front and rear