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LEMKEN Frühkauf 2023

Early, earlier –
preseason sales!

Save up to 5,690,- €!*

Preseason sales at LEMKEN

All the roosters are crowing! Be quick and secure attractive deals on the entire LEMKEN product range. The earlier you buy, the more discount you get. These are deals for real early birds!


Flat, fast & intense

Whether in conventional methods or in mulch sowing - powerful stubble cultivation made easy with the short disc harrows from LEMKEN. Let the high working speeds and the excellent mixing effect convince you!

  • You want to learn more? Click here to go directly to the Heliodor & Rubin short disc harrows.
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Stoppelbearbeitung

Saddle up and plough ahead!

Maximum ploughing performance and productivity with LEMKEN semi-mounted reversible ploughs. Powerful ploughing technology with individual adaptation options to your conditions.

  • Click here for more information on the semi-mounted ploughs: Diamant 16 & Titan 18.
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Pflüge

Fertiliser spreaders with impact

Save operating costs with precise fertiliser technology for every size of farm.

  • You don't know the trio SpicaTauri & Polaris yet? Find out more about the LEMKEN fertiliser spreaders!
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Düngerstreuer

Precise and fast seedbed preparation

With the passive seedbed combinations from LEMKEN, you can create the ideal seedbed for your plants. Korund 8 and System-Compactor are the machines of choice for cerealsrapeseed row crops.

  • Here you can find more information about the seedbed combination
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Saatbettkombinationen

Efficient lightweight

The new Solitair DT combines maximum light draft, integrated compact disc harrow, comfortable operation and a large, divided seed hopper with up to 5,100 litres capacity. This allows the Solitair DT to be used in seeding operations with fertiliser or with multiple seeds.

  • Click here for more information about Solitair DT
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Solitair DT

Hoeing weeds & conserving resources

Fighting weeds with Steketee hoe technology** - that's the agriculture of tomorrow.

  • More information about mechanical weed control
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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt Hacktechnik

Combined strength in action

No matter whether herbicide, fungicide or insecticide measures or the application of micronutrients up to liquid fertilisers - the front tank SprayHub and the associated SprayKit offer the most flexible combination options, for example with our EC-Weeder for efficient crop protection.

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LEMKEN Frühbezug Rabatt SprayHub & SprayKit

Spare parts - We take care of every detail!

Original LEMKEN spare parts can be recognized by the characteristic LEMKEN blue and the marking with the LEMKEN logo, the LEMKEN part number and the LEMKEN batch number. This is how we ensure the highest quality standards that we have for every single spare part. Benefit from an early order of your wear parts in the preseason sale***!

LEMKEN Spare parts

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LEMKEN with hoeing technolgy


Hoeing technolgy

Promotion period of the preseason campaign 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023.

* Discount examples on the purchase of Rubin 10/600 KUA, Diamant 16 V U, Polaris 16/4000 SpeedControl, Korund 8/600 K MAR, Solitair DT/600, EC Weeder und SprayHub/SprayKit in December 2023.
** Stock technology only.
*** Usual delivery times, please note minimum order quantity. Only for participating dealers.