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28. October 2022

New Head of Sales at LEMKEN

On 1 November 2022, Yves Desjardins will take on the role of Head of Sales of LEMKEN, the agricultural machinery specialist, and join the company’s Executive Management at the same time. He will take over responsibility for Sales from Managing Director Anthony van der Ley, who has led this department with great success for the past two years, but wants to focus more on his function as CEO of the steadily growing LEMKEN Group. Desjardins, 54, has already worked at LEMKEN for eight years as an export manager.

Neuer Vertriebsleiter bei LEMKEN Yves Desjardins

Expert for international farm machinery sales

He was born in France and has more than 30 years of experience in sales and exports. Starting with a degree in agricultural sciences from what is now UniLasalle in Beauvais, he was responsible for national and international sales development, trade partner relations, market analyses and sales in various companies. At LEMKEN, he has so far supported the development and advancement of several international sales companies.

Strong in communication and globally at home

For LEMKEN, a globally operating family company with an export ratio of currently 81 percent, intercultural competence is particularly important, and this is an area where its new Head of Sales is exceedingly well qualified, given his previous career. In his long-standing export role at the agricultural machinery specialist, Desjardins has become highly valued as a loyal, communicative and empathic colleague who is willing to take on future challenges in the dynamic agricultural environment with an open and creative mindset.