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  • Nominal hopper volume from 1 500 L to 3 000 L
  • From 12 m to 36 m working width
Tauri im Einsatz
Tauri Befüllung
Tauri Behälter
Tauri im Einsatz (2)
Tauri im Einsatz (3)

Large spreading distance for high efficacy

With its larger tank and longer spreading distances, the TAURI fertiliser spreader is particularly well suited for use in mixed and livestock farming businesses. The automatic weighing system (Tauri 12) provides for even application and ensures the efficient use of fertiliser.

Advantages of Tauri

  • Seed hopper with a volume of 1,500 to 3,000 litres. 36 m working width.
  • The continuously operating automatic weighing system ensures that fertiliser is applied evenly and therefore reduces application losses by up to 10 percent (Tauri 12).
  • The inclination sensor, which comes as standard, effectively adjusts for measurement errors when spreading on slopes.
  • ISOBUS preparation for the optional use of a LEMKEN CCI terminal or ISOBUS terminal (Tauri 12)
  • Four-stage, GPS-based section control (only Tauri 12).
  • High-quality, durable tank lid to keep fertiliser reliably dry (optional).
  • Two funnel outlets with angled gates for an even flow of fertiliser.
  • ECOBORD border spreader system.

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Technical data

Tauri 8
Working width (m) 12 - 36
Weight (kg) 305 - 400
Tank capacity (litres) 1 500 - 3 000
Filling dimension (m) 1,23 x 2,40
Filling height (m) 1,06
Payload (kg) 3 000

Basic equipment

  • Shutter electrically remote-controlled
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2
  • Spreader disc drive via PTO shaft 540 1/min (incl. PTO shaft with overload safety device)
  • Stainless steel safety guard
  • Hopper with two-part sieve, can be opened separately
  • Manual working width adjustment by changing the drop point
  • Stainless steel hopper base with pendulum agitator via two spring tines
  • Calibration test set, comprising a calibration tray, collection tray and spreading table
  • Chute for calibration test and hopper drainage
  • Application rate from 60 kg/ha to 1,000 kg/ha at 24 m working width and 8 km/h
  • Angle adjustment and inclination indicator for top dressing
  • Half-width stainless steel deflector plate for borders
  • Lighting equipment according to national regulations (factory installed)

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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