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  • Nominal hopper volume from 1 900 L to 4 000 L
  • From 18 m to 50 m working width
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Maximum precision and superior efficiency

The POLARIS fertiliser spreader features a comprehensive range of smart features such as intelligent electronic assistance systems for maximal spreading precision and flexibility. Its variable tank sizes and full ability to control all systems from the comfort of the cab ensure maximum operator comfort. The Polaris delivers ultimate efficacy with superior efficiency on large fields.

Advantages of Polaris

  • Seed hopper with a volume of 1,900 to 4,000 litres. From 18 to 50 m working width.
  • EPSILON double spreader vanes with two fertiliser streams, one above the other, for an even spreading pattern.
  • The GPS-based automatic ECONOV section control system prevents over- or under-fertilisation of individual width sections in the field (e.g. at the headland) and thus allows fertiliser savings of up to 6 percent.
  • ECONOV supports the independent control of up to 12 width sections (Polaris 14) and, in combination with a DGPS signal and ISOBUS control (optional), the high-precision implementation of application maps.
  • Continuously operating weighing system with inclination sensor for adjusting for measurement errors on slopes.
  • Oscillating agitator with two funnel outlets with angled gates for an even, gentle flow of fertiliser.
  • SpeedControl automatic spread pattern adjustment depending on the travel speed enables an optimal distribution of the fertilizer (optional).

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Technical data

Polaris 14
Working width (m) 18 - 44
Weight (kg) 540 - 585
Tank capacity (litres) 1 900 - 3 000
Filling dimension (m) 1,17 x 2,31
Filling height (m) 1,23
Payload (kg) 3 000

Basic equipment

  • Electronic ISOLINK operation with preparation for operation with any ISOBUS terminal
  • Shutter electrically remote-controlled via ISOLINK
  • Automatic calibration test from the tractor cab
  • Automatic width section control ECONOV with 12 width sections
  • Side-independent variable application rate control (DualRate)
  • Continuous, automatic weighing
  • Stainless steel weighing cell with inclination sensor
  • Fertilizer type memory
  • Manual application rate adjustment in steps of +/- 10%
  • Stainless steel safety guard
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2 / Cat. 3N
  • Mud guards
  • Spreader disc drive via PTO shaft 540 1/min (incl. PTO shaft with overload safety device)
  • Hopper with two-part sieve, can be opened separately
  • V-shaped stainless steel hopper base (draining fully)
  • Chute for calibration test and hopper drainage
  • Application rate from 3 kg/ha to 820 kg/ha at 28 m working width and 12 km/h
  • Angle adjustment and inclination indicator for top dressing
  • Border spreading device TRIBORD 3D (right)
  • Spreading device "Epsilon System EV“
  • LED lighting equipment according to national regulations (factory installed)
  • Synthetic protective elements under the frame

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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