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Change of rotational direction – correct tine position simply and quickly

The DUAL shift gears from LEMKEN facilitate not only changing the speed of the rotors but also the direction of rotation of the rotors.

The change in the direction of rotation enables the knife tines to be set to “grip” or “drag”.

Optimal adjustment for all working conditions

LEMKEN Zirkon change of rotational direction
  • In the “grip” position the tines aid soil penetration and prove themselves in mulch sowing or in hard soils. When set to “drag”, the tines have a better levelling effect and are particularly useful in stoney conditions or after the plough.
  • Other systems require all tines to be re-bolted or relocated to adapt to changing conditions.
  • The Dual-Shift gear can be changed by loosening three nuts and shifting the gear via a spindle 20 mm between two limiters.
  • The change of rotational direction is obtained because the gear doesn't drive the rotor shaft directly, but a pinion between two rotor shafts. By shifting the gear either the left or the right rotor is driven , giving the rotational direction desired.
  • A lever on the gearbox provides additionally a quick and easy change of rotor speeds.

Change of rotational direction


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