Saphir 9


Following the most recently updated Solitair 23 and Solitair 25 seed drills and the Azurit precision seed drill, the Saphir mechanical seed drill has now also been updated in the new design. Apart from the modernised look, handling and operating comfort have also been improved significantly.

  • Proven dosing and placement system with double disc coulters with parallel suspension and depth control wheels
  • The new Saphir 9 features the electronic EcoDrill control, which is operated via the LET-40 terminal with touch display
  • Redesigned tank with a more tightly sealing plastic lid
  • Easier filling from big bags through the new tank lid with extra wide opening
  • Improved comfort and greater safety due to redesigned access grille, loading bridge and handrail
  • Controls on the side of the implement are protected by the new cover panels
  • The Saphir 9 can be fitted with the pre-emergence markers and harrows of the Solitair 25. The compact harrow is easy to lift and to adjust to a wide range of different conditions
Saphir 9 300 - 125 Saphir 9 300 - 150
Weight (kg) 927 867
Hopper capacity (l) 860 860
Row distance (mm) 125 150
  • Electronic seed drill control EcoDrill with operation terminal LET-40
  • Intermediate plates
  • Metering wheel set Conti Plus
  • Tramline mechanism 2 x 2 rows
  • Quick-change system for metering wheels
  • Stepless oil bath gearbox
  • Discharge wedges
  • Forward folding hopper cover
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Drive wheel
  • Loading platform with steps