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North/ South America

North/South America

Mathieu Vallières

Managing Director

LEMKEN Canada Shawn Robinson

Shawn Robinson

Area Sales Manager Ontario, North, West, South

LEMKEN Canada Hugo Labonté

Hugo Labonté

Area Sales Manager Quebec Westt & Ontario East

Michael Leblond

Area Sales Manager

LEMKEN Canada Mark van Deursen

Mark van Deursen

Sales Representative Alberta and British Columbia

LEMKEN Canada Waldemar Heidebrecht

Waldemar Heidebrecht

Sales Representative Manitoba and Saskatchewan

LEMKEN Canada René Boivin

René Boivin

Regional Service Manager Canada

Tim Fehrle

Managing Director

Jeremy W. French

Regional Service Manager

Christopher Halbert

Area Sales Manager Midwest East

LEMKEN Charles Richard Johnson

Charles Richard Johnson

Area Sales Manager

LEMKEN Jay Halbert

Jay Halbert

Area Sales Manager Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan

LEMKEN Brandon Fox

Brandon Fox

Area Sales Manager Pazcific Region

LEMKEN Jeff Bogaards

Jeff Bogaards

Area Sales Manager Midwest

LEMKEN Devin Owens

Devin Owens

Sales Representative