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04. May 2021

We declare 2021 our Year of Soil

LEMKEN meets soil

We have made it our goal to raise awareness for the most important, but at the same time most sensitive part of successful agriculture - the soil. 

We want to ensure that the soil and its professional preparation and care receive our full attention.

Together with experts, practitioners & scientists we would like to open an honest and open discussion on the topics of soil protection, soil moisture, soil fertility and soil optimisation. You too can take part!

What will you get?
On our theme website you will find a constantly growing pool of information and suggestions on the topic of soil. Authentic, scientifically and entertaining, we show the great challenges we face today and in the future, how we can solve problems and what responsibility we all share.

With this in mind, we create the necessary conditions for our customers to successfully master the great challenges with our broadly based product programme with flexible and individual solutions. Because: Our driving force is your success!

Click here to go the soil website

LEMKEN Boden 2021
LEMKEN 2021 Year of soil