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29. May 2024

Production has restarted

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to resume production of our machines at our plant in Alpen since the beginning of the week. A criminal hacker attack on 11 May 2020 affected large parts of our IT infrastructure and put production on hold for a while.

However, we are currently still in emergency mode, which means that not all processes and workflows are running smoothly yet. We expect to have 100% process performance available again in 4 weeks at the latest.

Spare parts, delivery status & communication

In addition to production, order processing and the ordering and delivery of spare parts are also working again. Farmers can obtain information on the current delivery status of orders from their trading partners. For our business partners, the usual LEMKEN contact persons are still available by e-mail or mobile phone. Our mail system is operated externally and was not affected by the attacks at any time, so you can contact us securely via it.

Worldwide rollout

We are confident that we can quickly transfer the experience and successes gained at the Alpen site to our production facilities in Haren, Dinteloord and other subsidiaries so that we can resume operations there as soon as possible.

We would like to thank our customers, business partners and suppliers for their understanding.