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28. January 2022

A strong team

LEMKEN drilling combination with front hopper

We have optimised the front hopper and coulter bar system: The latest innovations to the Solitair 23+ front hopper and OptiDisc 25 coulter bar add even greater versatility to the LEMKEN range of seeding machines. The ISOBUS capabilities of the combination ensure precise, convenient adjustment as well as optimal utilisation of the machine fleet.

New technology

ISOBUS technology is new in the Solitair 23+. Adjustments, for example to the seeding rate or width section control, can be made via the MegaDrill control on the tractor terminal. This takes strain off the operator and ensures the efficient use of consumables and seeding without overlap of up to four width sections.

LEMKEN Soltair 23 Plus Optidisc 25

Combination options for optimal use

Combined with the rotary harrow Zirkon 12 and the OptiDisc 25 coulter bar, the Solitair 23+ front hopper forms a compact, agile drilling combination. This delivers a better distribution of weight compared to rear-mounted systems, allowing smaller tractors to be used for efficient drilling technology. The front hopper is suitable for both seeds and fertiliser and is therefore ideal for sowing maize in combination with the Azurit precision seed drill.


Variants for safe transport

In addition to the 4 and 4.5 metre folding versions already on the market, the OptiDisc 25 coulter bar will be available in 3 and 4 metres rigid and 5 and 6 metres foldable versions. These new folding variants feature an additional transport system for road use. The transport support wheels take loads of up to 3.5 tonnes off the tractor’s rear axle, ensuring that the tractor’s maximum permissible axle load and gross weight are complied with. The additional transport system locks and unlocks in just a few steps.


Precise seed placement

The proven parallelogram-controlled double disc coulters are at the heart of the OptiDisc 25 coulter bar and depth control rollers ensure seeds are placed precisely at the pre-set depth with both mulch and conventional tillage. Also, coulter pressure can be mechanically or hydraulically adjusted independently of the seed depth.



The Solitair 23+ front hopper is available now and the new OptiDisc 25 coulter bars from January 2022.