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The profitability of agricultural machinery often depends on details, and that’s why it’s best to use only genuine LEMKEN spare and wearing parts with your LEMKEN implements. After all, every spare part manufactured by LEMKEN is a part from and of us, meaning that you consistently get the same high quality as with your original equipment.

Blue means regeneration

The benefits of genuine LEMKEN spare parts:

  • Always in OEM quality
  • 100% safety and precision of fit
  • Maximum service life
  • Better value for money than supposedly cheaper copies
  • Continuous availability over decades
  • Incorporation of product improvements into spare parts

Easy and quick identification and ordering

The decision for LEMKEN pays off even when identifying spare parts, as each genuine LEMKEN spare and wearing part carries a unique identifier on the side facing away from the ground, allowing even worn parts to be clearly identified. This means that you’ll only order what you really need.

The following video shows just how quickly and easily this is done in practice.

Comprehensive information about all available genuine LEMKEN spare and wearing parts is available online from agroparts. For orders, please contact your specialist LEMKEN dealer directly, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.