05. oktober 2023

Ultra-shallow tillage made light and agile

In the LEMKEN product range, the Koralin stands for shallow, cutting tillage. After the semi-mounted version, LEMKEN will launch in 2024 a low-draught mounted version, which makes this machine accessible to a larger number of farms. Thanks to its full-width tine section, the Koralin is suitable for both ultra-shallow tillage and mechanical weed control that cuts weeds across the full working width.

Flat over the entire surface from 2 cm

The Koralin works with a three-point linkage and its three rows of tines are arranged symmetrically with a 30-centimetre tine spacing over a working width of 6.6 metres. Its 37 centimetre-wide DeltaCut shares guarantee shallow tillage across the full width from a working depth of only two centimetres. In contrast to conventional spring tine cultivators, the shares are rigidly mounted and therefore maintain their working depth precisely. The tines are secured with shear bolts but can also be equipped with automatic overload protection.

LEMKEN Grubber Koralin angebaut im Einsatz

Always parallel to the ground

In the LEMKEN Koralin, depth control is taken care of hydraulically via a double-acting control valve. The hydraulic cylinders of the laterally and centrally arranged depth control wheels are intelligently connected for this purpose. This not only keeps set-up times short but also ensures that the machine is aligned parallel to the ground. Depending on the application there is a choice of rollers available for reconsolidation and crumbling. These can be combined with a single or double-row harrow or alternatively, the roller can be replaced completely by a four-row harrow.

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Versatile use

The Koralin delivers excellent, water-conserving performance during the first and second stubble breaking. It is additionally suitable for incorporating catch crops and for weed control before sowing, for example.

LEMKEN Grubber Koralin angebaut Klappung

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