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For the health of the plant

LEMKEN takes the term Crop Care literally, because it is about protecting and caring for the crops and giving them everything they need to thrive. At the same time, the environment should be protected and the use of pesticides and fertilisers should be as precise as possible and reduced to a minimum.

Fertilisation technology

Minimise losses, increase efficiency!

Fertilisation accounts for about a third of a farm's input costs. This makes the choice of spreading technology all the more important to minimise losses and increase accuracy. The six fertiliser spreader models available in three categories will help you achieve your goals.

Fertiliser spreaders
CropCare Düngerstreuer

Hoeing Technology

More than just hoeing

LEMKEN hoeing equipment offers proven technology and innovative solutions for weed control in row crops. There is a focus on intelligent camera concepts with individual plant recognition for automatic machine guidance. Mechanical weed control can be supplemented by band spraying.

Steketee hoeing machines
CropCare Hacktechnik