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The innovative coupling system

QuickConnect, the automatic top link coupling system for the Sirius sprayers from LEMKEN,
combines for the first time two important benefits:

  • It provides enough space between tractor and machine for the easy and safe connection of all services.
  • The system moves the machine close to the tractor, before, allowing the mounted LEMKEN Sirius sprayer to be used with a great tank without any problem. 

Simple, fast and safely connected

With QuickConnect, the tractor is first reversed to the machine leaving enough space for the driver to dismount and connect hoses, cables and PTO shaft. Other connection procedures are then completed from the safety of the tractor seat.

As the tractor is reversed fully toward the machine, the driver uses the lower link hooks to couple the machine without having to care for the top link.

The intelligent coupling system automatically locks the top link into place.

Shorter connection and disconnection times

Thanks to the QuickConnect system, the operator no longer has to lift heavy parts such as A-frames onto the tractor’s threepoint linkage system.

LEMKEN’s innovative top link coupling system is particularly useful for field sprayers, which require to be connected as close as possible to the tractor due to their high weight. The result is a more stable tractor which can be safely driven even with a full tank. 

Video QuickConnect