Furrow press with flexible working width

Increasing farm sizes have resulted in distances to the fields becoming ever larger. Furrow presses that are permanently attached to the plough present a practical, time-saving solution in these scenarios, as they do not need to be transported separately. The integrated FlexPack furrow press can additionally be adapted to variable working widths in mounted ploughs.

  • The furrow press frame runs parallel to the plough frame. This ensures that there is no risk of field sections being pressed twice, if the plough is not used at its maximum working width, to guarantee even soil reconsolidation.
  • The FlexPack can be used both on the headlands and for boundary ploughing, and it is also used when ploughing the first furrow.
  • Staggered pairs of furrow press rings with a diameter of 600 mm and a V-profile prevent blockage during cultivation. They both achieve a good pressing effect and prevent the implement from sinking in too deeply in light soils.
  • For good reconsolidation, the pressure load on the FlexPack can be adjusted hydraulically.
FlexPack JR 5-100 FlexPack JR 6-100 FlexPack JR 4-100
Body Spacing 275 330 220
Weight (kg) 510 590 430
Number of rings 20 24 16
Ring diameter (mm) 600 600 600
  • Hydraulic swing-in device