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on this page we offer you the latest press information about LEMKEN and its product range. You will find the press releases in German, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Dutch language. We are looking forward to your reports and will be happy to answer any further questions.

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LEMKEN launches self-propelled sprayer

Nova 14 completes the range of field sprayers

In 2017 began the development of a self-propelled LEMKEN field sprayer. Now it is being launched under the name of Nova. With a spacious cab, a chassis with versatile adjustment options and a new automatic boom control, this self-propelled sprayer...

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Updates to the Saphir and Solitair seed drills

Perfect seed placement with a new design

The Saphir mechanical seed drill and Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill have now been updated with the new LEMKEN look. Both handling and operating comfort have been improved, while the seed metering and placement system with the proven parallel double...

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Retrofittable Intelligence

Easy automation with iQblue connect

In order to utilise data from existing mechanical implements and feed them into farm management systems, LEMKEN has developed iQblue connect, a highly versatile retrofitting kit which converts existing technology into smart machines.

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LEMKEN now offering fertiliser spreaders

Successful cooperation with SULKY

Nicola Lemken and Julien Burel have announced a commercial partnership between their companies just ahead of the Agritechnica 2019. From this November, LEMKEN will expand its product portfolio and offer SULKY fertiliser spreaders in its own, blue...

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Jewel with seven furrows

LEMKEN introduces the new Juwel 10 for powerful tractors

With the Juwel 10 plough LEMKEN is now introducing its most powerful reversible plough with up to seven furrows, which has been developed specifically for large tractors and the harshest operating conditions.

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Ultra-flat with discs and tines

Koralin sweep cultivator extends the application range in stubble working

The increasing restrictions in chemical pest control require machinery for controlling weeds with new tool combinations, to supplement previous procedures and secure the yield in farming.

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LEMKEN SeedHub for Sowing Catch Crops

Stubble cultivation combined with a pneumatic seed drill

For most farmers, sowing catch crops directly as they cultivate their stubble is the easiest approach, as it avoids an additional pass and reduces working time, effort and costs.

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LEMKEN to expand its field sprayer range

New Orion trailed field sprayer with laterally folding aluminium boom

Field sprayers with tank volumes between 4,000 and 6,000 litres are very much in demand among farmers and contractors. What they want most are ease of operation, excellent flushing performance and a boom control that consistently maintains the...

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EC-Space: Precision hoeing made easy

Easy row adjustment

Steketee is pleased to introduce an easy-to-use and time-saving mechanism for adjusting the settings of hoeing tools to suit the size of each crop. The new solution is available in three different versions, each with a different degree of automation....

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New, compact ISOBUS terminal

The new CCI 800 ISOBUS terminal is immediately available as part of the LEMKEN product range. This “little brother” of the proven CCI 1200 terminal features an 8” display with touchscreen that keeps the focus on the main application.

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Joystick implement control with touchscreen display

LEMKEN introduces the new CCI A3 for ISOBUS control

LEMKEN has worked with the CCI network to introduce an ISOBUS control unit with keys that can be flexibly assigned and digitally labelled – a great step towards easy, intuitive operation.

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Data exchange platform is picking up speed

Agrirouter well on its way to becoming the standard

The solution to a core problem in agriculture has been online since February 2019, and user numbers are steadily growing: The agrirouter internet-based data exchange platform allows data to be exchanged between machines and agricultural software...

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