02. November 2015

New-generation Solitair

The pneumatic Solitair is the flagship among LEMKEN's seed drills and synonymous with high-precision, high-efficacy seeding. It has recently been comprehensively updated and will be launched on the market in a folding, semi-mounted version under the name of Solitair 25.

The most striking external difference in the Solitair 25 is the new plastic tank, which holds 3,000 litres and features an extra-wide inlet. However, there are also numerous innovations inside the new Solitair: each metering unit features a separate electrical drive, for example. Also, the volume delivered by the cell wheels can be continuously adjusted for optimal seed flow for all types of seeds. When the seed hopper is used for fertiliser, the direction of cell wheel rotation is reversed to prevent seed scraper wear. The upgraded blower fan comprises a stainless steel gear, requires considerably less hydraulic power and operates substantially more quietly. As regards seed placement, LEMKEN has opted for the proven OptiDisc and OptiDisc M double disc coulter systems with depth control roller to ensure even placement depths.

As the individual part width sections of the LEMKEN Solitair 25 have their own metering units, they can be easily switched off via the respective electric motors, and sectional deactivation is therefore standard. Separate volume adjustments can additionally be performed for each part width section.

The redesigned distribution system allows different tramline rhythms to be activated without making physical adjustments to the machine. The system is hydraulically controlled and requires no seed return at all. Consistently symmetric seed distribution combined with electronically controlled metering unit speeds reliably ensure even transverse distribution. Simple cartridge changes in the distributor moreover allow track widths and tramline row numbers to be adjusted or reduced with ease.

With all of the above changes, the upgraded LEMKEN Solitair still offers its trademark versatility. The Solitair 25 can be used in five different drill combinations on the chassis of the LEMKEN soil cultivation implements. Single-seed drills such as the LEMKEN Azurit can be mounted instead of a coulter bar via a three-point linkage. This remarkable versatility also makes the Solitair an excellent choice from a financial perspective.

Together with the Solitair 25, LEMKEN also launches two new electronic control systems for seed drills. The EcoDrill baseline version, which transmits data via a CAN bus system, is operated via a high-resolution 4.8" touchscreen terminal and can be used to control all necessary Solitair 25 functions. The MegaDrill system is LEMKEN's optional control unit for ISOBUS operation via the proven CCI-200 terminal.


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New-generation Solitair
Solitair 25 with Zirkon 12
New-generation Solitair
Solitair 25 with Zirkon 12
New-generation Solitair
The new designed seed distributer with integrated tramline rhythms
New-generation Solitair
Solitair 25 harrow