05. September 2017

LEMKEN to strengthen Marketing and Product Management

Reorganisation under Angelika Wesselkamp and Lars Heier

LEMKEN, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has successfully maintained a strong position as a stable, growth-oriented company within the demanding competitive environment of agricultural technology, benefiting above all from positive developments in its export countries, which account for almost three quarters of the company’s sales. LEMKEN’s increasingly international orientation is associated with ever more complex demands in terms of agriculture, communications and culture.

LEMKEN to strengthen Marketing and Product Management
Angelika Wesselkamp und Lars Heier
LEMKEN to strengthen Marketing and Product Management
Angelika Wesselkamp
LEMKEN to strengthen Marketing and Product Management
Lars Heier

LEMKEN recently reorganised the company’s marketing and product management activities, which had previously been merged, into two separate core departments to address these challenges as efficiently as possible. Angelika Wesselkamp took over the role of Head of Marketing and Lars Heier that of Head of Product Management on 01.08.2017.

LEMKEN is delighted to have recruited Angelika Wesselkamp, a proven expert in international marketing. Following a degree in business management, Ms Wesselkamp launched a successful career in marketing and product management in the food and metal construction industries, where she held various executive positions, among others with a global player in the hardware industry, most recently as Head of Marketing Services. She therefore brings to her role extensive experience in international projects and the management of global campaigns for launching technically complex products on markets. Throughout her career, Ms Wesselkamp has always maintained a parallel focus on different distribution channels, namely industry, trade and end customers. She looks forward to making a difference in her core tasks of focusing LEMKEN’s corporate and product communications more strongly on digital channels and strengthening the company’s presence in international growth markets.

As Head of Product Management, Lars Heier will continue to boost agricultural and procedural competencies in product development and ensure that products are developed further in keeping with changing market needs.

The Marketing and Product Management departments will continue to cooperate closely under the leadership of Angelika Wesselkamp and Lars Heier and implement shared projects with the long-term goals of delivering further expansion in existing markets and positioning LEMKEN successfully in new export markets.