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Karat 9/500 KUA

Best quality of work in the profi 2017 comparative test

In 2016, profi magazine tested semi-mounted cultivators with working widths between 4.6 and 5 m in various fields of application at working depths of 6 cm, 15 cm and 25 cm. It found that the LEMKEN Karat delivered the best quality of work. This shows that it is not the number of tine bars, but the line distance and tool design that are crucial for success.

  • Good and very good results for intensity of mixing, levelling and reconsolidation, i.e. the by far most important features
  • The LEMKEN quick-change system, which ensures that the Karat is always equipped with the right shares, was also rated as very good.
In terms of quality of work, which is the most important criterion in evaluating cultivators, the Karat is well ahead of the rest.

profi 5/2017

“In terms of quality of work, the LEMKEN Karat is well ahead of the rest in terms of both incorporating crop residue and the results delivered by the packer profile roller.” (profi 5/2017)

Little crop residue at the surface forms a solid basis for high germination rates and reliable yields.

profi 6/2017

“The Karat delivers above-average results in almost all of the aspects tested.” (profi 6/2017)

The Karat is also ahead in terms of fuel consumption relative to intensity of mixing.