Easy data exchange with the new agrirouter

Agriculture 4.0 harbours enormous potential. Width section-specificmanagement based on simplified planning and networking solutions allow more efficient management with optimal environmental protection.

The ISOBUS standard has substantially helped communications between different brands of machines. However,the exchange of data between agricultural machinery and software products of various vendors has to date often been an insurmountable problem. Given the lack of a shared standard, hardly any progress was made in this area. The new agrirouter is designed to overcome this hurdle and allow all farmers to participate in the digitalisation of agriculture. LEMKEN and other manufacturers of agricultural technology have combined their forces to develop the agrirouter in order to substantially reduce data conversion problems and the number of communication interfaces in agricultural technology. In practice, data transfer via the agrirouter will look like this,for example:


Farm managers plan the fertilisation of their fields on a PC or tablet. They use an app created by vendor A to determine the amount of fertiliser for the various areas, based on soil maps and samples and expected yields, and then send the job to the communication unit on their crop care implement, manufactured by vendor B, via mobile radio. The implement collates the data with GPS data transmitted from the tractor, made by vendor C. Operators then fertilise the various areas. The work is documented in real time, and the data is then automatically updated in the field database provided by vendor D, which in turn is linked to the accounting software of vendor E.

Farmer's benefit

Due to the high degree of compatibility in data exchange, farmers benefit from the ability to use optimising solutions from a wide range of vendors, which increases their efficiency in value creation, reduces costs and protects the environment. Farmers will additionally future-proof their businesses in terms of legal requirements regarding food safety, burdens of proof and checks.

Without agrirouter:

With agrirouter:

The following requirements for developing the agrirouter were applied from the start:


Openness and transparency:

The data hub and its interfaces are open to all manufacturers of agricultural technology and app developers. With this strategic reorientation from numerous stand-alone solutions towards a shared, universally usable solution, the initiators want to promote wide acceptance. Participants only need to ensure that data can be exchanged with a data interface.



Users ultimately only pay for mobile data transfers between the hub and agricultural machinery plus the purchase costs of communication units, in addition to any charges for the apps they use individually. Communication units must be installed on field sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and ploughs. It is envisaged that they will be compatible with the machines of all participating companies and will therefore be interchangeable between machines. The use of the not-for-profit data hub itself is free of charge. Relevant costs for developing and maintaining the hub are borne by the partners in the consortium.


Data security

The data is owned by those sending and using it, which are is farmers and contract farmers. When they log in to their hub via their PCs, tablets or smartphones, they determine who is permitted to exchange data with whom to what extent and over which period. GPS information as well as data on fertiliser quantities and fuel consumption are only buffered on the server for a maximum of four weeks and must be accessed by the respective recipient (for example the field database) within this period. Data is not stored.

Data, communication (Kommunikation) and development (Entwicklung)

Our approach is carried by a consortium of well-known manufacturers of agricultural technology, who have jointly recognized that Farming 4.0 only works if a cross-manufacturer and cross-product data exchange is possible. The consortium is open to further members.

The founding members of our consortium:

LEMKEN       GRIMME       KRONE       HORSCH       KUHN       PÖTTINGER       RAUCH       AGCO       AMAZONE       SDF