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Alexander Audrit

What was decisive for our purchasing decision was the automatic boom control, single-nozzle control, large tank volume and compact, narrow design close to the tractor for ease of navigation on our narrow roads. The Sirius 10 with MegaSpray meets these requirements perfectly. Plus the Sirius has the QuickConnect attachment system, which provides a lot of space for comfortable coupling.

Versatile and user-friendly

High comfort of operation and easily understandable user guidance - these are the main considerations applied in designing any operating terminals for LEMKEN field sprayers. LEMKEN makes it easy to find the right technology for every operator. In addition to the electrically remote-controlled control units with LEMKEN EasySpray, the range also includes the Spraydos, Teejet 844E and LEMKEN EcoSpray computers. These ensure that the selected application rates per ha are precisely metered, regardless of the speed driven. LEMKEN's compact, clearly organised CCI-200 terminal gives operators access to ISOBUS control. Data can be entered directly via the touch display or via keys and a rotary encoder. Part width sections can be switched automatically and comfortably by integrating a GPS receiver.


LEMKEN MegaSpray for Sirius 10 and Vega 12

The LEMKEN MegaSpray is an intuitively designed control module for the Sirius 10 and Vega 12. All of the system controls and intelligence reside on the ISOBUS job computer, which is installed on the implement itself. The implement can then be controlled from any universal terminal via the ISOBUS interface in the tractor cabin, e.g. from a LEMKEN CCI-200 terminal or an existing tractor terminal. The MegaSpray user interface can be configured freely to match your needs and preferences. As settings can be saved in various user profiles, the preferred user interface can be quickly accessed whenever operators change.

Eltec and Eltec Pro

LEMKEN CCI.Command SC with MiniView MegaSpray

The Eltec electronic single-nozzle control allows all nozzles to be allocated to up to 13 part width sections. The number of nozzles per part width section can be freely configured and saved in various profiles. The nozzles are controlled electrically directly at the nozzle holder. In the Eltec Pro version, all nozzles are controlled individually via electrical switches. This minimises any overlap during the last pass or when spraying angled field sections. As a result, only as much product as necessary and as little as possible is sprayed to protect the environment and save you money.


LEMKEN BoomCommand

BoomCommand reduces driver strain optimally. With BoomCommand, the distance to target surfaces is determined via two sensors on the right and left of the boom. As the system is controlled via the lift mast and slope compensation, BoomCommand ensures even wetting quality and minimises drift by reliably maintaining a consistent distance to the target surface.

TrailCommand Pro

LEMKEN TrailCommand Pro drawbar steering with turning circle

TrailCommand Pro features drawbar steering to ensure true track following of the Vega trailed sprayer behind a tractor. The system permits an even steering angle of 42° on both the right and left side. The rearward pivot point position increases stability and ensures true track following at the headlands and on slopes to protect crops optimally. The tracking steering is fully integrated with the MegaSpray user interface.

FlowCommand Pro

LEMKEN FlowCommand Pro

The water system of the Vega 12 is fully electrified. There is no need for users to switch individual valves separately - they instead operate functions such as spraying, rinsing, filling, agitating or cleaning. FlowCommand Pro then switches all required valves electrically to prevent operating errors. Inputs are made via the 4.3" colour display, which is located at eye level above the inductor. The display is completely dustproof and waterproof. It features an integrated calculator, a diagnostic menu and a digital tank fill level indicator. Not only that, it is also very user-friendly, particularly in terms of its interface design with numerous self-explanatory symbols and little text. The display is optimally protected underneath a cover during field use. The individual, electrically switched valves for filling, spraying, agitating, cleaning and draining on the intake and distribution sides of the system are optimally positioned to keep the length of hose connections short and thus minimise residue as far as possible.

Variable Rate Control

LEMKEN VariableRateControl

The MegaSpray implement control is capable of receiving commands from the task controller (TC-GEO). In this process, VariableRateControl ensures that crop protection products and liquid fertiliser are applied in keeping with location-specific needs, even with heterogeneous crops. Application rates can be adjusted for specific part sections using an application card or an ISOBUS-compatible nitrogen sensor.


LEMKEN EcoSpray terminal for the mounted field sprayer Sirius 10
LEMKEN TeeJet Matrix

EcoSpray is a fully electronic operating terminal that is used in the Sirius 10 as a standard if ISOBUS compatibility is not required. Speed-independent control of application ratesOperation of all hydraulic functions EcoSpray also allows implement part width sections to be switched based on GPS data. This functionality requires the addition of a TeeJet Matrix 570 G including a GPS receiver to the control system. The TeeJet Matrix permits not only automatic part width section control, but additionally provides track guidance assistance and basic data documentation.


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The premium SEH boom in the Sirius 10 is easily operated via a joystick when using EcoControl: Raising/loweringSlope compensationArm foldingAsymmetrical and symmetrical reductionAutomatic folding and unfolding


LEMKEN EasySpray Terminal for the mounted field sprayer Sirius

The basic model in the Sirius 8 series features Easyspray as standard. The various functions can be easily set and flexibly adjusted by just a few keystrokes. These functions include switching the main valve on and off, electric pressure adjustment and electrical switching of part width sections via a toggle Switch.