Solitronic ISOBUS

LEMKEN Solitronic ISOBUS for Saphir 8, Solitair 9 & 12 and Compact-Solitair 9

The Solitronic system control is available in a standard and an ISOBUS version. The ISOBUS version is certified under the AEF Guidelines and therefore compatible with a wide range of universal terminals. Solitronic ISOBUS is optionally available for the Saphir 8, Solitair 9 & 12 and Compact Solitair series. Apart from the basic functionalities, it offers numerous additional functions for easy, efficient sowing.

GPS-based management of tramlines, headlands and seed rates

The correct preparation of tramlines and precise activation at headlands requires operators to be particularly attentive during seeding. LEMKEN's two new "Fieldtronic" software modules, "TramlineControl" and "HeadlandCommand", make this task easier. "VariableRateControl" additionally allows seeding rates to be variably adjusted via an application card.

Headland Command

Creating evenly wide headlands without overlaps or gaps constitutes another challenge, for which LEMKEN has again developed a GPS-based solution called "HeadlandCommand". The task controller of an ISOBUS terminal controls the part width sections of the seed drill based on the tractor's RTK GPS signal to ensure that the deactivation and reactivation points at the headland remain absolutely consistent (TC-SC). Part width sections are additionally reduced whenever wedge-shaped field sections need to be drilled, especially with wide working widths.

Tramline Control

LEMKEN's "TramlineControl" allows tramlines to be prepared via GPS, independently of the seed drill's track rhythm. The system uses only the very first track driven as its basis for calculating all further tramlines. This not only allows operators to drive any tramline and drill in beds, for example, but also saves time, protects the soil and makes turning at the headland substantially easier.

Variable Rate Control

"VariableRateControl" delivers site-specific sowing on heterogeneous fields. With this system, seeding rates are adjusted for specific part sections using an application card. This requires a farm management system that supports ISOXML or SHP formats. Prepared application cards are then imported to the universal terminal from a USB stick or by e-mail via a GSM modem, and the task controller then controls seeding rates specifically for the defined part sections. The implement control is capable of receiving commands from the task controller (TC-GEO).

Video HeadlandCommand, TramlineControl, VariableRateControl


MegaSeed on the new CCI-1200 terminal
MegaSeed on the new CCI-1200 terminal

MegaDrill is the new operating concept for mechanical and pneumatic seed drills with ISOBUS equipment (Solitair 25) in standard LEMKEN design. The high recognition value compared to MegaSpray is obvious. The Layout Manager allows displays and controls in the operating menu to be freely arranged in keeping with your individual needs. This innovative seed drill control can be operated via a LEMKEN CCI-200 or any ISOBUS-compatible universal terminal. The TramlineControl, HeadlandCommand and VariableRateControl functions already known from the Solitronic have been retained and can be controlled via a task controller as before.


MegaSeed on the new CCI-1200 terminal
MegaSeed on the new CCI-1200 terminal

MegaSeed is the control for the Azurit 9 single-seed drill, which has been newly included in the LEMKEN product range. MegaSeed also features the uniform control structures already implemented in MegaDrill and MegaSpray. MegaSeed, the ISOBUS-compatible control system for the Azurit, also allows the software modules TramlineControl, HeadlandCommand and VariableRateControl to be integrated. The software enables the flexible setting of tramline rhythms, the deactivation of individual rows and the free organisation of displays via the Layout Manager. Even the display for the Solitair 23 front tank can be integrated.


LEMKEN LVT-50 terminal with Solitronic for Saphir 8, Solitair 9 & 12 and Compact-Solitair 9

Even in the non-ISOBUS version, Solitronic offers a simple-to-use, comfortable operating menu with numerous features for the Saphir 8, Solitair 9 & 12 and Compact Solitair series. The adjustment and calibration menu has a user-friendly structure and allows all common seed types to be calibrated in just a single step, and there is a comprehensive information menu with diagnostic and sensor test functionalities.


LEMKEN Easytronic for Saphir 7 and Solitair 8

The Easytronic system control automates fundamental functions for seed drills of the Saphir 7 and Solitair 8 series.

  • Tramlines can be easily prepared and monitored.
  • An integrated hectare counter measures individual sections and total areas fully automatically.
  • The calibration aid and diagnostics menu make setting up and operating the machine a breeze.