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Plus €100 price reduction per coulter unit
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Thanks to the LEMKEN Saphir 8 with electric seeding shaft drive. Solitronic controls with optional ISOBUS delivers maximum operating comfort. At an absolutely unbeatable promotional price! Save a lump sum of €2000 plus an additional €100 per coulter unit as with all LEMKEN seed drills. Take a quick decision!

Mechanical seed drills

Perfect sowing in all soils

The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficiency seed drill technology accessible to small and medium-sized farms.

Pneumatic seed drills

Successful sowing

Whether working with conventional or conservation tillage, whether running small, medium-sized or large farms with extensive fields – the pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range always offer high precision and efficiency.

Drill combinations

For optimal seed placement

Whether in conventional or conservation sowing: a drill combination from the Compact-Solitair range is always a good choice wherever high efficacy is needed. read more

Precision drill

Maximising the surface area with LEMKEN DeltaRow

LEMKEN, an innovative manufacturer of sowing technology, has recently entered the single-seed drilling segment with its DeltaRow technology – an innovative approach to single-seed drilling. DeltaRow is essentially about maximising the surface area... read more

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